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Workplace Management screenshot on laptop
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Workplace Management

Spacewell’s IoT-connected Workplace Management software enables intelligent process automation to optimize the work of facility managers, cleaners, and technicians. The IoT triggers tasks, enabling dynamic services, based on occupant activities & feedback.


Workplace Management Software: an Explainer

Spacewell Workplace Management software video thumbnail

Why Workplace Management Software?


Highly configurable, standard IWMS software; external connectivity through standard web services


Best-practice workflows, automated ticketing and skills-based dispatch of work orders

User enablement

Self-service requests through a range of state-of-the-art touchpoints

Actionable insights

Real-time and historic KPI dashboards, powerful data visualization

Facility Services

Maintenance Management

BIM & Asset Inventory

Space Management

Suppliers & Contractors

Work Order Management

Workplace Facility Services screenshot

Facility Services

Execute work in a timely and effective way with workflow-based integrated workplace management software

  • Create your planning boards to efficiently organize all open tasks
  • Assign work to your staff or to subcontractors by drag-and-dropping work orders
  • Centralize requests from multiple channels in a single point
  • Increase efficiency by automating ticketing and skills-based dispatching of work orders
  • Automate work order creation (generated from helpdesk tickets, preventive maintenance plan, or triggered by sensors)
  • Log tickets on the go and follow up on ticket resolution
Workplace Facility Services screenshot
Workplace Maintenance Management screenshot

Maintenance Management

  • Plan, track and optimize your building maintenance & maintenance-related costs
  • Perform reactive and planned maintenance in a timely manner
  • Centrally manage and revise assurance documents
  • Ensure building compliance with inspection checklists
Workplace Maintenance Management screenshot
Workplace BIM Asset Inventory screenshot

Asset Inventory

  • Keep track of your assets and manage information such as asset value and condition
  • Never run out of stock again by creating automated replenishment purchase orders
  • Manage stock items, stock movements, warehouses, and storage locations
Workplace BIM Asset Inventory screenshot
Workplace Space Management screenshot

Space Management

Manage your space portfolio, gain visibility into actual space usage, and stay on top of the rapidly changing workplace

  • Keep track of inventory at multiple locations
  • Define areas and sub areas per property
  • Assign people to spaces
  • Assign & maintain space sizes
  • Create property contracts
Workplace Space Management screenshot
Workplace Supplier & Contractors screenshot

Suppliers and Contractors

Manage supplier data and contracts all in one platform

Give your suppliers access to their assigned work orders through a dedicated restricted portal. Suppliers can digitally track and update their work orders in real time to meet the required SLAs

Workplace Supplier & Contractors screenshot
Workplace Work Order Management screenshot

Work Order Management

Stay on top of  workplace operations with standard, highly configurable work order software that enables seamless workflow management across multiple touchpoints:

  • Define work order types with their own workflows and statuses
  • Assign the right resources based on skills and availability
  • Monitor performance and SLAs with real-time and historical dashboards
Workplace Work Order Management screenshot

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