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Monitor and improve space usage & air quality, and assist employees and FM staff in real-time

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Deploy standard, modular software to manage space, facilities & maintenance

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Use standard, modular software to manage FM processes with efficient workflows

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Measure, monitor and manage energy consumption and reduce costs with AI-powered energy software

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Spacewell’s Smart Building offering, powered by the hardware- and protocol-agnostic Cobundu platform, consists of three product lines, each in its own way dedicated to increasing the performance of your building, the people working in it, and the services offered to them. It does this by assisting users in real-time and improving comfort, space, and resource usage. Building occupants love it for the intuitive interaction and personal assistance it provides. And landlords, occupiers, and service providers love it for its fast ROI through increased efficiencies and data-led insights. The nature of work and the role of the workplace are constantly evolving and so are the smart technologies supporting it. The Cobundu platform is your partner in the journey to adapt to these changes.

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Space occupancy & utilization compliancy, health and comfort


Advanced reservations and user experiences for building occupants


Dynamic services, activity-based cleaning and mobile guidance for field technicians

MCS Software

Under the brand MCS, Spacewell offers a fully Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) for Real Estate, Facility, and Workplace management. MCS software provides end-to-end process control by integrating all relevant activities and touchpoints on a single platform.

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Facility Management

Ensure service excellence

Maintenance Management

Optimize life-cycle asset performance

Workplace Management

Manage your space & move operations

Meetings & Reservations

Ensure a great meeting and visitor experience

Property Management

Manage service and lease contracts


Axxerion is a completely internet-based information system for Facility and Property Management. It optimizes your business processes thanks to its flexible workflows. The solutions are divided into three main categories, each one containing modules focused on a different way of optimizing your business, from basic best-practice workflows to more complex processes.

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Property Management

Take control of day-to-day property operations such as accounting lease administration and contract management

Facility Management

Manage FM processes with unseen flexibility and virtually no limitations

IT Service Management

Design, plan, deliver, operate and control information technology (IT) services

Long-term Maintenance

Develop multi-year maintenance plans and track the service performance in real-time

DEXMA Energy Intelligence

The DEXMA by Spacewell energy platform is an AI-powered energy savings tool. It helps energy service companies (ESCOs), utility companies, energy consultants & green corporates optimize their energy transition and reach their sustainability goals. The innovative SaaS platform consists of three product lines, supporting you to detect savings opportunities, analyze variables that affect energy consumption, and optimize energy management with 24/7 anomaly detection. Welcome to the world of real-time data-driven energy intelligence!

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DEXMA Detect

Tired of hearing that your savings potential is somewhere between 5% to 30%?

Use DEXMA Detect to get personalized savings recommendations based on your actual energy bills.

No on-site audit or hardware installation required, ever.

DEXMA Analyse

30% of your buildings will generate 70% of total energy savings, but only real-time data can unlock your full energy footprint.

Benefit from the fastest, most robust, and scalable solution on the market.

With our advanced suite, you can monitor and analyze any variable that affects energy consumption.

DEXMA Optimise

A portfolio of buildings produces +10M readings/year, which is overwhelming for Energy Management teams.

Automate your energy management process with 24/7 powered anomaly detection.

Scale your process, detect anomalies, and optimize your consumption.

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