Spacewell Enters into Partnership with MASS Information Systems

Antwerp, November 28, 2023 – Spacewell today announced a partnership with MASS Information Systems, a leading change management company focused on innovation and transformation. MASS offers highly supportive and personalized services to install, upgrade, and revolutionize the UK and Ireland Workplace Management market.

“We are thrilled to be entering into this partnership with MASS Information Systems”, said Benjamin Wallace, VP at Spacewell. “Together, we will accelerate the pace of innovation in the smart building domain, shaping a future where buildings are not just structures but intelligent ecosystems that continually adapt to the needs of their users.”

Enhancing client experience with Spacewell SaaS solutions

Spacewell offers a range of solutions including IoT-connected Workplace Experience & Analytics, Facilities and Maintenance Management, and Energy Intelligence. By switching its high-end Integrated Workplace Management System and transitioning to Spacewell’s Workplace cloud platform, MASS reaffirms its dedication to pioneering technology and providing exceptional benefits and significant cost reductions for its customers. Through this strategic partnership, clients can expect even greater efficiencies and advantages when utilizing MASS’s services.

“We are in no doubt that we will attract a broader audience and acquire new customers because of the functionality and innovation that Spacewell can offer,” said Alastair Jeffery, Client Success Manager, MASS Information Systems Ltd.  “This product drives tremendous value for our clients. It is a market-leading solution, being in the Verdantix Leader quadrant for IWMS and IoT solutions. The product looks really good, and the interface and graphics are easy to understand.  The link to building data through IoT devices is seamless and retains your total facilities data in one place. New developments such as the Energy Management module bring industry-leading solutions to a market that wants to achieve more in terms of sustainability and carbon reduction.”

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About MASS

MASS Information Systems, founded by David Bolt, was established in 1992 to provide Business Management Solutions and went on to become the world’s leading provider of Computer Integrated Facilities Management (CIFM) Solutions, based on market-leading software products and award-winning services. It is a people-led business interested in change management and transformation. Its reputation is built on long-standing client relationships with a drive to improve end-user experience and satisfaction.

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