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Discover the Power of Intelligent Building Energy Management Software

With AI-powered energy management solutions, we help your organization reduce its energy costs and reach its sustainability goals.

Why Building Energy Management Software?

Forget endless spreadsheets. Benefit from the fastest, most robust, and most scalable solution on the market to gain insight into all your consumption, cost, and carbon footprint data.

Benchmark & Audit

Discover your savings potential and benchmark against any industry standard.


Visualize your energy data with intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards.


Check the projected energy savings of investments in real time.


Demonstrate your project progress with automated reporting and alerts.

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Automate Your Energy Audit Process with AI


Continually detect where your potential savings are.

Portfolio segmentation

Decide with confidence which sites are worth investing in and which aren’t, without even setting foot in the buildings.


Improve your energy performance and become more sustainable by implementing energy-efficiency recommendations.

Dexma Analyze

Monitor and Analyze Your Energy Consumption​

Real-time monitoring​

Get data from your sensors, no matter the protocol or the hardware you have chosen.​

Analyze & verify​

Investing without verifying? Not with Spacewell Energy. Analyze and verify your savings in real-time.​

Laptop with Spacewell Energy Analyse
Laptop with Spacewell Energy Optimise

Automate Your Energy Management Process​

Analyze all your data, all the time

Artificial intelligence (AI) constantly detects anomalies for you, weekends and holidays included.

Focus on actions​

AI analyzes the data so you can focus on fixing problems and making informed decisions.

Track each anomaly’s story

Add comments and get traceability from anomaly creation until it is successfully fixed. Team work!​

Your Al-Powered Energy Management & Savings Tool


Times Faster

Historical data analytics in less than 1 second


Data Sources

Use any data source you want in your energy-efficiency project


Million Data Readings

Daily, the platform converts millions of energy readings into actionable insights for real cost savings


Inefficiencies Detected

Every day, Spacewell Energy detects opportunities to save you time and money

Laptop with Spacewell Energy Hardware

Integrate our Energy Management Software With the Hardware You Already Have in Your Building

Spacewell’s building energy management software offers more than 200 hardware integrations from 50 different vendors – and counting.​

From sensors and gateways to SCADA systems and BMSs, our integration team is always up for new challenges.​

Found a new box you want to use in your project? No worries, we will work together to integrate it.​

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Share Energy Insights Using Reports

Show off your project progress with automated reporting and alerts.

Use our ready-made templates, create your own block-based reports, or explore a whole new world with customized reporting.

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The perfect tool to make the transition towards digital energy efficiency 

What Others Say

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“The intelligence, reporting capabilities, and vision of Spacewell Energy software are a great fit for our partners and customers. Spacewell Energy (Dexma) helps the customer benefit from the full extent of eTactica hardware.”

Sœvar Haukdal
Business Development Manager, eTactica

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“Spacewell Energy – Dexma Detect is really useful when you’re at the beginning of any energy-efficiency project.”

Immaculada Ramírez
Energy Savings Expert, DIA Supermarkets

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