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Discover the Power of Intelligent Building Energy Management Software

With AI-powered energy management solutions, we help your organization reduce its energy costs and reach its sustainability goals.


Why Building Energy Management Software?

Benchmarking & Audit

Discover your savings potential and benchmark against any industry standard.

Real-Time Monitoring

Visualize your energy data with intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards.

Energy Savings Verification

Check the projected energy savings of investments in real time

Easy Reporting

Demonstrate your project progress with automated reporting and alerts.

Building Energy Management Software Platform (by Dexma)


Detect your potential savings and get personalized recommendations based on your current energy bills.

No on-site audit or hardware installation required, ever.


Only real-time data can unlock your full energy footprint.

Benefit from the fastest, most robust and scalable solution on the market.


A building portfolio produces +10M readings/year, which is overwhelming.

Automate your process, detect anomalies 24/7, and optimize your consumption.

Your AI-Powered Energy Management & Savings Tool

Your AI- Powered Savings Tool

Times Faster

Historical data analytics in less than 1 second

Data Sources

Use any data source you want in your energy efficiency project

Million Data Readings

Daily, the platform converts millions of energy readings into actionable insights for real cost savings

Inefficiencies Detected

Every day, Spacewell Energy detects opportunities to save you time and money