CMMS software to improve facility maintenance and asset performance

Optimize the life-cycle value of your buildings and installations by drawing up a multi-year maintenance plan and budget. Our CMMS software helps you align this with your organization’s maintenance strategy, and based on actual asset conditions.


Fully configurable CMMS software solution, easy to implement & to use

Full life cycle

Practical support, from inspections to planning and scheduling to compliance and reporting

Mobile tools

Make it easy for technicians to manage work orders on the go

Actionable insights

Flexible reporting and insight into long-term costs and performance

Spacewell software is

GEFMA 444 certified

German Facility Management Association GEFMA certified that Spacewell CAFM/IWMS meets quality standards on all topics included in the 444 guideline, incl. maintenance and repair management, energy efficiency & reporting, workplace safety & security,  inventory, and help and service desk

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Assist maintenance staff

With a handy mobile app, neatly arranging scheduled work, emergencies and triggered alerts, technicians can efficiently manage work orders on the go and complete tasks faster and better.


» Intuitive user interface with pictures, geomap, overview and calendar


» Continue to work offline if you lose the internet connection


»  Interactive checklists for in-field task guidance and quality control


»  Start-stop timer and simple consumption of materials


» Fast access to equipment data (incl. full maintenance history) and related documents



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BIM-enabled asset inventory

Manage your organization’s assets, starting from BIM or from any asset inventory list:

» Bidirectional data exchange between BIM and IWMS


 » Asset tracking and condition-based maintenance planning


» Mobile tools to manage work orders on the go

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Property inspections and condition assessment

Efficiently perform property inspections and use norm-based condition assessments of your buildings and technical installations. This data will support you to set maintenance priorities and drive long-term planning:

» Fully customizable element library and standard list of defects


» Perform inspections with a mobile app


» Objectively rate the condition of buildings and installations


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Corrective maintenance and resource scheduling

Drive asset performance with standard, highly configurable corrective maintenance software that enables seamless workflow management across multiple touchpoints:

» Interactive scheduling boards and configurable workflows

» Mobile work management

» SLA monitoring

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Preventive maintenance

With our CMMS software you can take control of the life-cycle performance of your buildings and installations and gain insight into maintenance costs in the short and long term:

» Supports long-term planning & budgeting


» Efficient planning capabilities


» Flexible reporting



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Predictive maintenance

Leverage IoT sensors, fault detection models, and machine learning to enable predictive building maintenance with just-in-time interventions and smart scheduling:

» BIM & IoT integration


» Big data analytics platform and machine learning engine


»  Can make use of 3rd party fault detection models

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MTR relies on Spacewell to organize work in the stations, including inspection rounds, planning & tracking of operations & collection of energy management data

Stockholm commuter railway and subway management company

The user interface is intuitive and the system can easily be extended with numerous fields


UMC Utrecht

University Hospital

Spacewell enables us to to assign and carry out work orders much more effectively. Our daily activities have been significantly improved as a result

Operator of parking garages


Join thousands of users and get access to user-friendly cloud software offering visibility into real-time data, flexible workflows, dashboards, and reporting.