Humankind: optimal facility services with Axxerion IWMS

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The Netherlands


Non-commercial organization for childcare and development


  • 471 locations throughout the Netherlands (2,932 employees)
  • The Facility Department consists of ten people


AxxerionIWMS cloud-based facility management software:

  • Contacts
  • Contracts
  • Inventory
  • Buildings
  • Notifications (service requests/issue tracking)
  • Energy management
  • Projects
  • Work orders
  • Major maintenance/multi-year maintenance planning
  • Product catalog


  • Facility data was previously fragmented, outdated, stored on paper, in spreadsheets, and in employees’ heads, which made the organization vulnerable.
  • Quality of service came under pressure due to the organization’s explosive growth.
  • Growing need to capture information unambiguously, share it securely, make it easy to access quickly, and connect data for efficient management.


  • Axxerion IWMS facility management software. The functionality and the SaaS licensing model tie in with Humankind’s ambition for operational excellence perfectly.
  • Implementation support from Axxerion consultants with a lot of facility processes knowledge.
  • Easy to use without high training requirements.
  • Adaptable to the needs of the organization: standard application but feels like customization.


  • All facility information in one place, clear, easy to consult, and accessible from anywhere; in addition, thanks to Axxerion’s cross-connections, users can navigate through the information very quickly.
  • The organization is less dependent on the ready knowledge of employees.
  • Calls come into a single point, are assessed centrally, and internal customers are helped well and quickly.
  • The software allows consistent quality service to be maintained and informed decisions to be made.
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Who is Humankind?

Humankind has over 35 years of experience and is a leader in the field of childcare and development in the Netherlands. The organization advocates for an educational vision based on humanistic values. Humankind believes in the optimal growth and development of every child in a society in which care and respect for the living situation are important. For people and the environment. For every individual and for each other. Now and in the future. We innovate, stimulate, facilitate, and bring stakeholders together to strengthen the circle around the child and parents. We do this both locally and nationwide.

We challenge children, stimulate their independence, personal responsibility, and discover their talents. Anything goes here at Humankind, within the bounds of what is safe, of course. A child who is allowed to experience, discover, decide, and make mistakes on their own will continue to amaze you. What might not have been possible yesterday is definitely possible today.

Our 3,000 employees help us take care of approx. 25,000 children every week at more than 450 locations.

Facility management organization

The Facility Department, headed by Dion Roeffen, Purchasing, Logistics, and Housing Manager, consists of ten people. They perform direct support activities for the locations and regional offices (facility desk, accommodation, maintenance, and contract management & procurement). Four colleagues work for the service office in Heerlen (reception and building management) and the management.

Dion Roeffen: “I manage the department and am a member of the core team. I advise the board of directors and the regional management on housing, supplier policy, and facility services. Procurement is centralized, with framework agreements with national and regional suppliers forming the basis of the procurement policy. Locations may call/arrange for products and services within these framework agreements. Together with the core team, we give direction and content to the organization’s policy.”

“The supplier policy is focused on partnerships, long-term relationships, and the realization of an optimal service for the locations with maximum support for the Facility Department. Operational Excellence is the starting point, and Axxerion is a fantastic tool for us in this regard.”

Experiences with Axxerion

Employees had the following feedback:

  • The software is easy to use.
  • All the information is in one place and quickly accessible.
  • We can help the internal customer better and faster.
  • Axxerion is logical and you can navigate it quickly.
  • It’s a standard application but feels like customization.

Advice on the implementation and use of IWMS

  • Reserve additional capacity for master data and filling the IWMS during implementation.
  • Reserve internal structural capacity for keeping master data in order.
  • Start with Contacts, Contracts, Buildings, and Inventory first before starting the Notifications module.
  • Keep the setup of the notification portal or the app as simple as possible, making it easy to use and promoting adoption.
  • Bring organizations with similar information needs together to share experiences.

Operational Excellence is the starting point of our facility services, and Axxerion is a fantastic tool for us in this regard.

Dion Roeffen

Purchasing, Logistics, and Housing Manager, Humankind

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