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Facility Management Software

Modern facility management software lets you manage, track and automate day-to-day operations of maintenance, cleaning, catering, and more.

By creating smart workflows and using automation you can better serve the needs of a hybrid workforce, while keeping costs under control.

Configurable workflows

Execute work in a timely manner with workflow-based facility management software.

Increase efficiency

Automate ticketing and skills-based dispatching of work orders.

Multiple touchpoints

Provide occupants with various touchpoints to log requests in the helpdesk ticketing system.

Self-Service Requests

  • Centralize requests from multiple channels in a single point
  • Improve the first-time-right ratio through configurable request templates
  • Log tickets on the go and follow up on ticket resolution
  • Annotate pictures or record voice notes
  • Scan QR codes or use the floorplan to book tickets even faster
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Work Order Management

  • Automate the creation of work orders that are generated from helpdesk tickets, preventive maintenance plans, or triggered by sensors
  • Use templates to facilitate standard work practices
  • Record the reason for interventions and error codes
  • Give suppliers access to a supplier portal to handle the work orders and mark them as completed
Workplace Maintenance Management screenshot
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Interactive Planning Board

Plan your team workload in an easy, visual way using the work planner:

  • Drag and drop work orders on the planning board
  • Get a clear view of unavailability (vacation, sick leave) and see planned work per team member
  • Create your planning boards to efficiently organize all open tasks
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Facilities Inventory Management

  • Centrally manage your facilities inventory with a minimum of administration
  • Quickly browse stock items and view their status (reserved, available, reordered, etc.)
  • Keep stocks at the right level using different replenishment methods
  • Give technicians easy access to materials needed to execute work orders
  • Prevent unauthorized stock operations through role-specific rights management
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Project Management

  • Automate real estate and facility projects with company-specific workflows
  • Stay in control of project schedules, finances, and risks
  • Balance personnel workloads and optimize the use of resources
  • Effectively collaborate in real-time
  • Secure sensitive project data by managing access rights
  • Use project history for reinforcement of project management best practices

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