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Office Space Monitoring to Increase Workplace Effectiveness

Gain insight into office space utilization to save on costs and improve space planning

More than office occupancy rates

By measuring space utilization instead of mere occupancy, we make your space management more effective.

We connect to what you have

As a facility manager, sit back and conveniently manage all deployed devices from your pc.

Anonymous data capture

Whether we use our sensors, your BMS, or image sensing, we always protect people’s privacy.

Why Office Space Monitoring?


Spacewell Workplace Monitoring Solutions video preview

Real-Time Office Space Monitoring

We monitor the use of all space types, including parking spaces, through different sensor technologies. Our preferred solution is using wireless sensors that capture data anonymously. This data is mapped onto color-coded floor plans that provide an intuitive understanding of what goes on in your buildings and which spaces are busy or quieter, both in Real-Time or in Time-lapse.

Space Monitor Time Lapse

Occupancy & Utilization Time Lapse

With the time-lapse function, you can watch changes that occur over a longer period at an accelerated rate. Set the area, time period and data stream. Then sit back and watch it as a movie.

This time-lapse functionality enables you to quickly get a feeling of how presence, utilization, and comfort parameters evolve during the day (or even over multiple days).

AXA building during sunset

We gear the building to the staff. We measure the use of the workstations and meeting rooms via IoT.

Raf Boterdaele

Former Head of Building & Facilities Management, AXA Belgium

Office Space Utilization Dashboards

Granular space data is crunched into the office space monitoring dashboard. It gives you an instant view of organization-wide space occupancy and utilization patterns and trends.

Drill-down functionality then allows you to explore deeper levels of the data for more specific analysis. Apply filters on interactive floor plans, look at specific space types or time slots, find correlations, gain insight into bottlenecks, answer business questions, and leverage opportunities.

Space Monitor Dashboard (Spacewell smart building platform)

Stacking & Fit-Out Recommendations


Stacking & Fit-Out Recommendations

Our dedicated data scientists and domain experts with 20+ years of expertise in workplace transformation can provide consultancy on a tactical & strategic level.

The team analyzes and benchmarks the data and presents you with personalized reports and actionable advice.

Through interactive sessions, our experts guide you from a shared vision toward a high-performing workplace environment.

Data Exports

Data exporter animation

Data Exports

Sensor data can be exported for any selected time period and location. Set your scope in one click and export the data to a reporting tool of your choice.

Open Platform

Log in as developer animation

Open Platform

Would you rather build your own services on our platform? No problem. Simply log in as a developer and get access to our wide-open Rest API.

Monitor Sensor Health

Health Monitor animation

Monitor Sensor Health

Never worry about data quality or whether sensors have run out. You can track sensor health per location and type of sensor.

Ready to Learn More About Office Space Monitoring?

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