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Increase Workplace Effectiveness with Office Space Monitoring

Gain insight into office space utilization to save on costs and improve space planning.

Why Office Space Monitoring?

Why Office Space Monitoring?

Understand how your spaces are used – identify busy and quiet areas, reduce spaces that are underused and ensure the best possible workplace fit-out design.  

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Space Planning

Precisely set seating ratios & group space allocations.

Portfolio Right-Sizing

Identify exactly how much space you need, and where.

Workplace Design

Design spaces that get used. A lot.

Facilities Operations

Heat, cool, and clean only when and where you need to.

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Real-time office space monitoring at your fingertips!

With cutting-edge sensor technology and dynamic floor plans, our office space monitoring solution offers workplace managers and employees an instant, comprehensive view of space occupancy and crowd density. 

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Spot and address underutilized areas 

Leverage reservations and sensor-based occupancy data to identify and remedy underused spaces. Take action by either: 

  • Increasing occupancy in a space, floor, or building
  • Eliminating underutilized spaces, resulting in cost savings on rent, heating, and cleaning expenses
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Adapt to space utilization trends 

Tailor your workplace design to align with evolving space usage patterns. Analyze if there’s a demand for more focused workspaces or collaborative areas based on actual office utilization. 

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Leverage office space monitoring data to increase operational efficiency

Optimize your cleaning, heating, and cooling systems based on real space usage data. This not only enhances sustainability efforts but also increases overall operational efficiency. 

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Evaluate cost savings with our Opportunity Simulator dashboard 

Utilize our opportunity simulator dashboard to forecast potential square footage reductions and cost savings, grounded in your organization’s genuine space requirements and utilization data.

What Others Say

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We gear the building to the staff. We measure the use of the workstations and meeting rooms via IoT.

Raf Boterdaele
Former Head of Building & Facilities Management, AXA Belgium

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