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Work Assistant: your smart FM services and cleaning app

  • – Facilitates dynamic, activity-based FM services delivery
  • – One intuitive app for smart cleaning, catering, IT or small repairs
  • – Easily onboard new staff using the in-app work instructions
  • – Benefit from real-time alerts and triggers using the IoT

Smart cleaning

Steer everyday cleaning proactively where and when it’s most needed.

Smart catering

With many meetings every day, know exactly when and where to bring the requested services

Smart repairs

Small repairs are inevitable in IT and facility maintenance. Our smart FM app simplifies life for the repair staff

A common problem in buildings is that hospitality services such as cleaning and catering and even repairs lack flexibility. They happen reactively because they are based on fixed times and schedules rather than actual usage data. This often results in misdirected efforts as well as unhappy customers. To fix this, Spacewell’s smart FM app uses data from sensors and user devices to steer everyday services proactively

Work assistant video overlay

Easy navigation with images, icons and colours

Floorplan screenshot

Easy navigation with images, icons and colours

Service staff can easily locate rooms with pending tasks. Furthermore, they can distinguish between rush and normal tasks based on colour codes. The app also indicates the number of tasks per room.

Cleanliness is crucial in healthcare settings. Spacewell’s combined operational software and smart building solution enables us to optimize cleaning services and space usage, resulting in higher end-user satisfaction

Peter Dierickx

Facility Director, AZMM hospital

Image showing nurse and hospital

We used get calls all the time and run everywhere, now we see the actual planning, it’s intuitive and super easy to use, even for those not familiar with smartphones and apps

Cleaning Staff

AZMM hospital

Clear task assignment

Task categrories screenshot

Clear task assignment

Tasks within a space are grouped logically so each team knows exactly what to do and when to do it

Smart cleaning made easy

Work Assistant service app (Spacewell smart building platform)

Smart cleaning made easy

Knowing where and when to clean was never easier. Work assistant combines scheduled, reactive and sensor-triggered tasks in a single floor plan view. Cleaners know where to go, what to do and how to do it.

Report issues for technicians to resolve

Create work order screenshot

Report issues for technicians to resolve

Service staff can select a work order template for any room, report an issue, add pictures and submit it as a new task. It’s then added automatically for the right team to resolve.

Fast onboarding with in-app instructions

Work info screenshot

Fast onboarding with in-app instructions

Are you outsourcing FM services or working with temps? With the Work Assistant app, all staff will have a clear view of their work instructions and points of contact at any time.

Dedicated smart maintenance app

Work Manager screenshot on a tablet and a phone

Dedicated smart maintenance app

Maintenance of buildings and equipment is often more complex than cleaning and catering activities or small repairs. That’s why we have developed a similar app, specifically designed for professionals in charge of maintenance.


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