Construction company Van Roey Group and Van Roey Services: sustainable building management



Construction sector (DBFMO: design-build-finance-maintain-operate)




  • Maintenance operations – IWMS (MCS)
    • Online notification portal (approx. 25 incidents a day)
    • Work and resource planning
    • Mobile work order management
    • Checklists / quality assurance
    • Transparent SLA follow-up
    • Reporting
    • Invoice requests
    • Reservations
  • Multi-year maintenance planning (O-Prognose)
    • Condition assessment (NEN 2767)
    • Pre-calculation (standard costs)
    • Multi-year maintenance planning and budget
  • Smart Building (Cobundu platform at the Van Roey head office)
    • Space Monitor (occupancy analysis using sensor data)
    • Cobundu Assist Kiosk: interactive screen with real-time information on floor plan
  • AEC software: SolibriVectorworks (Nemetschek Group)

Sites under management

100,000 m² in maintenance, national distribution.
Organizations from diverse sectors log into the system, including:

  • AG VESPA sites (urban projects Antwerp)
  • Schools & scientific institutions
  • Sports Centres (Sportoase)
  • Public services (libraries)
  • Municipal infrastructure (fire station, police barracks, workplaces)
  • Recreational and retail projects
  • Hotels
  • Social housing
  • Residential care centres and assisted living facilities


  • Single source of truth: all data centralized and accessible
  • All activities are logged and traceable
  • Compliance with contractual agreements / SLAs
  • Condition assessment by two certified employees
  • Objective insight into occupancy rates of workspaces


Van Roey acquires a substantial share of its turnover from ‘complex’ projects that do not stop after construction and delivery, but in which Van Roey Services is subsequently also responsible for sustainable building management. These are typically long-term contracts spanning up to 30 years or more. In order to proactively support and transparently monitor these activities, the company needed software that logs all data related to assets, contracts, maintenance activities, service agreements, intervention times, etc. and makes it centrally accessible and transparent to all parties involved. In addition, the company sought support for long-term maintenance planning and budgeting. And it wanted to objectively map and analyze the effective use and occupancy rates in its head office in order to optimally tailor spaces to evolving needs.


Following a comprehensive evaluation, Van Roey Services opted for Spacewell software. This choice was motivated by several factors:

  • Configurable, standard software, with no custom coding entailing costs for each adjustment
  • User-friendly support, also for people on the ground (easy to navigate interface, effective planning overview, filters for relevant info, colour codes for priorities, etc.)
  • Customers also effortlessly log into the system
  • A single source of truth, central and easily accessible, full history
  • No subjective discussions, steered by facts (everything logged and traceable)
  • Long-term planning and best practices of proactive building management
  • Innovation via a link to sensor information


  • Well-integrated software support that is now an indispensable aspect of the company operations. Both for reporting internally and to customers, as well as for supporting managers and technicians. The tool contains a wealth of data that is also accessible selectively and on the move to people who need information on the ground.
  • Best practices for multi-year planning and budgeting.
  • Innovative showcase at the head office that demonstrates how the workplace can be improved by linking software to the Internet of Things.
Van Roey head office exterior

Who is the Van Roey Group?

Van Roey Services is part of the Van Roey Group, which has evolved over the past 280 years from a construction firm ‘pur sang’ to become a company that offers total solutions. The group is active in the design, construction, financing, maintenance and operation (= DBFMO) of buildings where the aim is to create liveable, sustainable and affordable environments where people enjoy living, working, shopping and participating in sport.

One of Van Roey’s specializations is the design, construction and maintenance of liveable and sustainable office buildings tailored to the customer.

By combining a smart design with the maximum use of sustainable materials, energy-efficient techniques and renewable energy, Van Roey guarantees the lowest life cycle costs in which construction costs, technical and structural maintenance and energy performance are an integral part.

However, Van Roey not only measures and guarantees the energy performance of your building; by permanently monitoring, for example, the building’s air quality, temperature and occupancy, the company also strives to create an optimally agreeable work climate. The latter has a positive impact on the health and well-being of employees, which in turn results in greater commitment and productivity.

In other words, Van Roey offers a total solution (hardware and service) with the lowest life cycle costs and the highest quality of life in which people are paramount. It is no coincidence that building with people is our baseline; it determines how we think and act in everything we do.

Bart Cox

Spacewell software genuinely forms the backbone of all our activities, not only for reporting but also as a practical tool for the day-to-day operation of our teams. For us, it’s also very important that it’s standard software, which is configurable and flexible – Spacewell software perfectly meets our requirements.

Bart Cox

Operational Director, Van Roey Services

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