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SmartScore Certification with Spacewell

Spacewell is one of the first WiredScore Accredited Solutions, a certification launched in 2022 to offer guidance on technology solutions that deliver a truly smart building.

As an Accredited Solution, Spacewell software and technology solutions have been benchmarked against WiredScore’s certification standards, saving landlords and occupiers time and money spent doing their own research.

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Surround yourself with certified reliability

How do you know which technologies are reliable and will deliver on their promises? That’s where Accredited Solutions come in. These are technology providers with a proven track record who have undergone rigorous evaluation. Their solutions have been mapped against WiredScore’s SmartScore scorecard, ensuring that they can guarantee credits on SmartScore projects with the appropriate supporting systems in place.

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Set your buildings up for success

As a landlord or occupier, you can procure Accredited Solutions with confidence, knowing that the solution you’re choosing has a trusted record of delivery with leading CRE organizations. Spacewell software and technology will support you to achieve your SmartScore certification goals regardless of whether your buildings are new or in use.

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About WiredScore

WiredScore is a leader in assessing and certifying smart technologies in buildings. It sets the global standard for smart technologies in real estate through certification and education.

The company has certified over 800 million square feet of real estate globally, helping landlords and developers design and promote buildings with best-in-class digital connectivity and smart technology, ensuring their assets are future-ready.

About SmartScore

SmartScore is a certification program developed by WiredScore to evaluate the implementation of intelligent building technology in different assets.

This certification serves as a guarantee that the building meets high standards of connectivity, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and security while also prioritizing user experience. A building can be awarded one of the four SmartScore certification levels to reflect its excellence.

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How we help you get your buildings SmartScore certified

Each WiredScore-certified smart building is accredited according to the scorecard criteria defined by a group of leading landlords, occupiers, solution providers and advisors.

The scorecard assesses the user functionality and technological foundation based on the extent to .which the ‘user story’ is implemented to solve issues and deliver the right outcomes within the building. 

Spacewell’s software suite was accredited by WiredScore among other things because it supports building owners and operators to improve workplace insights and occupant experience, optimize space utilization  and asset performance, and reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.

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