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Dion Roeffen, Humankind, talks about his IWMS experience

June 16, 2020

An Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) has become indispensable in many organizations. What are the benefits? How is it deployed? And how do you find an IWMS that suits your organization? Spacewell spoke to Dion Roeffen about his IWMS experience.

Dion Roeffen is the Purchasing, Logistics, and Housing Manager at childcare organization Humankind. With over 35 years of experience, this organization is a leader in the field of childcare and development in the Netherlands. Humankind’s 3,000 employees take care of approx. 25,000 children every week at more than 420 locations. The facility management for all these branches is done using Axxerion software from technology company Spacewell.

Children colouring

Disseminated information

“Facility data at Humankind was extremely fragmented and outdated. Information was stored on paper, in Excel spreadsheets, and in employees’ heads,” says Dion Roeffen. “That made us vulnerable as an organization. The organization’s explosive growth also put pressure on the quality of the service.”

IWMS creates structure

So, four years ago, Humankind started thinking about an IWMS. “An organic need arose in the department to record, share, and make information easily accessible,” explains Dion Roeffen. “Where necessary, we also wanted to create links and recognize cross-connections. Our goal was to bring facility services to a higher level, preferably without additional recruiting.”

After a thorough analysis, they settled on Axxerion. It offered the functionality that tied in with Humankind’s ambition. The flexible SaaS license model – with no worries about backups or updates – also fit in perfectly with what they needed.


“It was pleasant working with Spacewell,” says Dion Roeffen, adding, “Our advisors, Tim and Silvano, gave us the best possible support during the implementation. Another plus was the fact that they had a lot of knowledge about facility processes. After delivery of an Axxerion module and during the test phases, adjustments were always made quickly so that we could keep up the momentum. Axxerion is standard software but feels like customization. In addition, the software does not have high training requirements, so internal employees can start working with it quickly.”

IWMS experience

“Our experience with Axxerion is quite positive,” says Dion Roeffen, “and employees find the software easy to use. Facility information can now be consulted quickly, is accessible from anywhere, and is up-to-date. As a result, we’re much less dependent on the ready knowledge of employees. Calls come into a single point, are assessed centrally, and internal customers are provided with better help faster.”

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