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Spacewelll Partners With Workplace Vitality Hub

A vital workplace through smart technology

New technologies have an enormous impact on our lives. Physically we are much less active (‘Sitting is the new smoking’). In addition, our continuous online presence causes us more stress. In short: we let technology take over much of our lives.

But what if we turn this around? What if we use these (digital) technologies to support a vital lifestyle in our work and working environment in a smart and personalized way?

Workplace Vitality Hub

Welcome to the Workplace Vitality Hub!

Our mission is to sustainably improve the vitality of people in their working environment. Spacewell – with its expertise in data-driven solutions for the hybrid workplace – is proud to announce it has joined the Workplace Vitality Hub, together with founding partners Fontys, imec, TNO, TU/e, HTCE and Twice.

Located in the smart and sustainable building at HTC 85, all partners combine their knowledge, technologies and expertise to find innovative and efficient solutions for a vital working environment. We aim to develop smart technologies that will increase people’s vitality, both at home and at work.

Living Lab

This office building serves as a living lab, in which, together with other business partners, we research and develop new technologies and their applications in a real-life setting. People at work take centre stage, and we focus on their particular needs. By using smart, intuitive technologies we aim to increase employees’ vitality and make buildings a healthier place to work. The result? Healthier people, buildings, and organizations.

Workplace Vitality Hub building

Want to get involved?

We can imagine that the mission of the Workplace Vitality Hub – ‘Making healthy behavior sustainable’- is also of value to you. Do you want to join us as a partner? You can!

There are various types of partnerships, from community members to strategic partners.

Contact us for more information.

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