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Social organization Verdihuis chooses Axxerion Go from Spacewell

March 24, 2021

Heteren, March 24, 2021 – Dutch Social Care Foundation Verdihuis has chosen Axxerion Go, Spacewell’s extremely user-friendly and out-of-the-box IWMS.

About Verdihuis

Verdihuis is an organization that provides crisis shelter and residential counseling in Oss, The Netherlands. The staff at Verdihuis do everything in their power to help people who, for whatever reason, are having a hard time rejoining society.

Social organization Verdihuis chooses Axxerion Go from Spacewell

Besides crisis and emergency shelter, the Verdihuis also offers various forms of residential assistance, such as assisted living and mother and child housing

mother and child house
Whereas after its founding in 1975, the Verdihuis relied mostly on volunteers, nowadays it collaborates with various care and welfare partners.

The choice for Axxerion Go

A good data manager is essential for any organization (large or small). For this reason, Spacewell and Verdihuis sat down together last year. As a result, the financial administration, facility management, and IT departments will now start using Axxerion Go. These departments will start recording data such as contacts, buildings, rooms, and inventory. They will also use the features for ticketing/notifications and contract management.

Benefits of Axxerion Go

A key advantage of Axxerion Go, especially in this difficult Covid-19 era, is that the most common facility processes can be implemented immediately. This is possible because of the standard workflows and intuitive operation. So no long implementation processes, but a quick start after a short introduction.

Verdihuis can, therefore, start working almost immediately. Moreover, in view of Covid-19, no (risky) meetings need to take place.

Another advantage of the cloud software Axxerion Go is that the client can easily upgrade to Axxerion. For example, should there be a wish in the future to link with other systems for exchanging information.

We are looking forward to a great cooperation!

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