Facility management sustainability: what it is and why it is important

Sustainable Facility Management

In a time where sustainability has become a global adoption, the role of facility management for environmentally responsible and resource-efficient buildings is more critical than ever.  This article dives into the concept of facility management sustainability, exploring its significance, the inherent challenges and solutions, and how cutting-edge technology and software are pivotal in driving these … Read more

Developing a facility management strategy: key components for success

Developing a Facility Management Strategy

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, where 70% of operational costs are tied to facility management, developing a solid facility management strategy is not just beneficial—it’s essential. Facility management (FM) goes beyond overseeing physical buildings; it enhances the efficiency and longevity of an organization’s assets while ensuring a safe, productive working environment for all.  But … Read more

The hybrid working model explained: what is it and how does it work?

Modelos de trabajo híbrido

Hybrid working models seem to be the new way to balance work and life. Approaching work life in a more flexible way marks a significant shift in the business world, in which work arrangements are adaptable and sometimes even customizable. This recent approach has taken the business world by storm in the aftermath of the … Read more

Building Better: Retrofitting for Enhanced Workplace Experience and Sustainability

Building Better: Retrofitting for Enhanced Workplace Experience and Sustainability

A retrofit program offers the opportunity for property owners & developers to extend beyond the realms of sustainability and energy efficiency. Adopting a holistic retrofit vision that incorporates measures to improve employee well-being and enhanced user experience into retrofits can create unique value and differentiation opportunities. In this article we’ll delve deep into: Retrofitting for … Read more

Adapting to Change: How the Evolving CRE Environment Encourages Retrofit Investments

Adapting to Change: How the Evolving CRE Environment Encourages Retrofit Investments

The CRE landscape has shifted, making investments more challenging. With changing work dynamics and declining demand for office space, many properties risk becoming obsolete. This transformation has led to intense competition, creating a buyer’s market and favoring high-quality spaces.  Developers face tough decisions amid uncertainties, including shifts in demand and macroeconomic factors like inflation and … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Sustainable Retrofits in Commercial Real Estate

A guide tot sustainable retrofits in Comercial Real Estate

The commercial real estate sector faces increasing pressure to upgrade outdated assets due to regulatory demands for improved environmental performance and shifts in work patterns reducing space demand. Elevated tenant expectations further necessitate properties supporting wellness, flexibility, and collaboration. These factors create a need for strategic sustainable retrofits to reduce the sector’s significant emissions contribution. … Read more

Sustainability in Commercial Real Estate: the Role of Retrofitting [Guide]

Sustainable Retrofitting

The commercial real estate sector is experiencing significant pressure to update its assets due to various challenges such as regulatory demands for environmental improvement and changes in work patterns. This includes the balance with home and office working, better use of existing spaces or even the reduced demand for space. Tenant expectations are rising, emphasizing … Read more

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