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Verdantix awards: Top 10 Smart Building Innovators in 2020

Independent research firm Verdantix on October 14th announced the 10 winners of the 2020 Smart Building Innovation Awards. These prestigious international awards recognize organizations that have implemented innovative technologies to enhance their facilities and real estate strategies. At Spacewell we are absolutely delighted that 2 of our clients were selected as winners by the independent judging panel.

Verdantix Innovation Awards 2020 Winner batch

AXA Belgium won the New Corporate Headquarters category for the space optimization project at its 50,000 m² HQ in Brussels. By optimizing space design and analyzing utilization data using 1,850 sensors, AXA’s building management team were able to reduce the desk-to-employee ratio to 0.6 and save costs, whilst providing a comfortable and agile work environment that meets the evolving needs of workers.

AZ Maria Middelares won the Hospital COVID-19 Management category for its innovative use of a mobile app that provides over 100 cleaners with clear work instructions on digital floor plans. During the COVID-19 emergency, the app helped the cleaning team work efficiently and stay safe by visualizing COVID-19 cohort areas and providing tailored work orders with clear safety, hygiene, and sanitization procedures.

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