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BIM2FM with Spacewell and Bimplus – From Data Handover to Building Lifecycle Intelligence

February 16, 2022

BIM-enabled FM is increasingly being adopted by building managers. It extends the value of BIM beyond planning, design, and construction of buildings. And ensures that post-construction facilities and maintenance management is highly efficient and collaborative.

How does this work in practice?

Spacewell IWMS and Bimpus integration

See how Allplan’s collaboration platform Bimplus is integrated into Spacewell’s Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) to support BIM-enabled facilities management. This is a great way to ensure data continuity as there is no model handover but a synergetic use of the same data with different tools.

In this workshop we explain and demonstrate:

  • The concept of Building Lifecycle Intelligence
  • How to connect Spacewell IWMS software with the Bimplus platform
  • How to benefit from BIM in building maintenance

This webinar should be of interest to anyone involved in improving the performance of buildings, in particular:

  • Building & Property Managers
  • Facility & Maintenance Managers
  • Corporate Sustainability Managers
  • DBFM Project Managers
  • Real Estate Developers

Presented by:

Stefan Kaufmann

Stefan Kaufmann

Product Management BIM Strategy and New Technologies, Allplan

Kurt Demeulemeester

Kurt Demeulemeester

Enterprise Architect & Product Manager, Spacewell

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