Realcomm Webinar | Employee Experience in the Hybrid Workplace

Realcomm Webinar

Join the expert panel with Spacewell Americas MD Adrian Weygandt on Employee Experience in the Hybrid Workplace. This session showcases some of the most innovative and creative solutions to create compelling experiences for new hybrid workplace models. Adrian will talk about the key factors impacting the hybrid workplace experience, how to monitor and improve them (incl. … Read more

Webinar: Smart Workplace Case Studies

Birds eye view of office

Joint webinar Danske Bank and Spacewell, co-hosted with IFMA Companies are looking to the post-pandemic future. For many, the workplace will need to accommodate hybrid working, with more agility and greater variation in occupancy levels. By leveraging smart technology solutions workplace leaders can gain a better understanding of office utilization over time. This enables them … Read more

Realcomm webinar | Health, Wellness and Productivity

Realcomm Webinar

Join the expert panel with Spacewell Americas MD Adrian Weygandt onSensor Technologies For Health, Wellness And Productivity This Realcomm webinar is part of a series that introduces both near as well as long-term sustainable strategies and technologies that facilitate re-occupancy of healthy and safe workplaces. In this session, industry leaders review smart building sensors and … Read more

Campus Facilities Summit 2020

Campus Facilities Summit 2020

Keynote – Building Resilience & Adaptability in Higher Ed FM Join Nicole Weygandt‘s keynote on “Building Resilience & Adaptability in Higher Ed FM”, 10:10 AM. Nicole will share stories on how an IWMS can support a campus during COVID-19 while also going into the broader potential of an IWMS to support an effective campus in cleaning, maintenance, and management.

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