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What’s new in MCS

MCS software grows with its clients to offer the best IWMS experience. Updates and new capabilities are rooted in customer feedback. Thanks to your feedback, MCS becomes easier to use, and supports even more of the work you do every day. The software receives a major update every year and quarterly maintenance releases.

Keep reading to learn more about the latest MCS 21 product update.

MCS - New Analytical Dashboards

New Analytical Dashboards

Launched in version 20, a new BI engine provides valuable insights, made actionable in dynamic dashboards, powered by QLIK. MCS 21 further extends the range of available dashboards with:

  • Service Requests
  • Room Reservations
  • Building Statistics
  • Interior Space Usage
  • Maintenance Inventory
  • Maintenance Operations
  • Financial Expenses
  • Financials Revenues

These best-practice dashboards offer the advanced interactive features available in modern BI. You can use drill-down functionality and filter for time periods or specific attributes.

MCS - Bring Your Own BI

Bring Your Own BI

Want to be able to work with your own corporate analytics solution? With version 21 this is possible. Connect the BI tool of your choice through API Connect.


  • Spacewell CONNECT API exposes a set of reporting views (reporting data for a particular MCS domain)
  • all UDI fields are available in the reporting views
  • Modular and documented API, using web services
MCS - Custom Queries

Custom Queries

Create custom queries on demand to meet your specific reporting needs


Report Scheduling and Delivery

Schedule reports to run and be delivered directly to your mailbox at the time you choose. And have them automatically distributed to other stakeholders’ email boxes.

MCS - Space Management

Space Management

With its updated design, CAD Explorer now offers an even better user experience. In version 21 you can search and highlight buildings and outside locations on site level, and rooms and workspaces on building level. Thanks to the integration of CAD Explorer with Web Work Orders, you can now also search and highlight the location of a work order on a floor plan.


BIM Integration

All spatial and asset data can be imported from BIM, and floors, rooms, and maintenance objects are then created automatically. This is not limited to a one-time operation; the software can import revised models, process the differences, and update the information accordingly. MCS integrates any BIM format and makes it data actionable and explorable.

MCS - UID reservations

Create your own custom fields (UDI) on Reservations

You can now create custom fields using UDI Designer in Reservations. Once created those fields then become standard and you can report, export, and even create custom queries using those fields.

MCS - Request a service from any touchpoint

Request a service from any touchpoint

Occupants can request services or book a ticket from any touch point (phone app, kiosk). Tailored templates per request type make the process more efficient.

MCS - Long-term maintenance planning and budgeting

Long-term maintenance planning and budgeting

MCS is now integrated with O-Prognose long-term maintenance planning & budgeting software. In MCS version 21, we have created dedicated fields to easily transfer asset data to O-Prognose.

IoT Connectivity

MCS natively connects to Spacewell’s smart workplace IoT platform. By integrating across the two systems, you get access to real-time building data and powerful insights to enhance your facility operations and improve the workplace experience. Here are some IoT platform capabilities that MCS 21 users can benefit from:

MCS - Sensor management
The sensor management platform has been rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up. Completely responsive and modern, it offers a simple user interface to manage your sensors and add new sensors in a single step. Users also get automated alerts when sensors need attention to keep them in optimal condition. It now also allows you to steer the appearance and behavior of Spacewell’s Workplace App and Kiosk.
MCS - •	Advanced booking options on the Workplace App

Advanced booking options on the Workplace App. With this feature users can order stand-alone services and equipment (think of multiple lunch options, projectors, pool cars, etc.) without the need to link it to a room or workplace reservation. Just select a pick-up point, check-out, approve the costs and go.

MCS - New air quality sensors

Support for

  • New air quality sensors: The Airthings View Plus device enables to measure up to 10 comfort and air quality parameters, and has an e-ink display that shows air quality in real-time
  • A new type of hardware: status lights. You can steer the color of these lights to support various use cases, for example as a CO2 level indicator or to show room or desk occupancy and reservation status. Thanks to the low price these small USB powered devices can be installed in large volumes
MCS - Opportunity Simulator
A new dashboard: Opportunity Simulator. This dashboard provides insight into potential future space reductions and cost savings (based on measured vacancy). Right-size your office footprint and save space and money!