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Ensure the balance between desk/room availability and space efficiency.

Make it easy for employees to find free workspaces.


HQ sensors: 80.000 ft², 4 floors


Most office buildings today underperform. Hence there’s a huge opportunity for CREs to do better.


Cushman & Wakefield and Spacewell are using their combined experience to make buildings smarter and support the most valuable asset in your building: the people.


Optimization of the space stacking.

Adjustment of the cleaning moments.

Proven approach phased scenarios

User experience

  • Enable reservations through multiple touchpoints and auto release unoccupied rooms
  • Find colleagues on the floor plan (on an opt-in basis)
  • Make it easy for users to request services and give feedback
  • Digital life coach at work (health, food, movement)

Balance maintenance & energy

  • Apply data science to detect pain points and tune settings to improve productivity and wellbeing
  • Balance building maintenance and energy costs
  • Reduce organic waste by monitoring space usage and kitchen trends to predict catering needs


  • Benchmark energy, cleaning performance, maintenance and space efficiency
  • Identify improvement areas and set up projects
  • Become and remain LEED certified

Space efficiency

  • Capture occupancy data (anonymously) with wireless sensors under desks and in rooms
  • Get insight into space and occupancy performance through dashboards with floor

User comfort

  • EDA (exploratory data analysis)
  • Capture temperature + humidity + CO2 in open areas & meeting rooms
  • Get insight into comfort and health factors in the workplace

Cleaning optimization

  • Match your cleaning programs with actual space usage to improve cleaning effectiveness
  • Direct cleaning where needed (using a dashboard + triggered cleaning activities)
  • Provide cleaners with a work assistant app with floorplan-based instructions

We’ve selected Spacewell as a PropTech partner, because of the fact that they’re from an IFM background which makes that they’ve got an integrated mindset, combined with a datapoint agnostic cloud platform named Cobundu that uses an IWMS system to make the insights actionable.

Asaël Akkerman

Partner | Strategic Consulting EMEA | Global Occupier Services, Cushman & Wakefield

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