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Hybrid Workplace Challenges & Solutions (eBook)

From Disruption to Resilience
Hybrid Workplace Challenges & Solutions eBook cover

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Key Points

  • The hybrid workplace offers employees greater flexibility, but also brings new challenges for real estate teams
  • Hybrid workplace solutions (technology, data, and analytics) enable businesses to adapt their workspaces to the hybrid world of work.
  • Key objectives include optimizing space performance (footprint and configuration) and the employee experience

Table of Contents

The Hybrid Workplace: a New Challenge for Corporate Real estate 4
Technology to Support Hybrid Workplaces 5
Managing space in a hybrid office 6
Employee experience in a hybrid workplace 6
Key Objectives for Hybrid Workplace Solutions 7
Enabling workplace flexibility 8
Optimizing office footprint 9
Optimizing office space configuration 10
Ensuring Good Indoor Air Quality 11
Supporting hybrid office dynamism 12
Why Invest in Hybrid Workplace Solutions Now? 13
Meet Spacewell 14

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