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Spacewell mobile IWMS supports local government’s new way of working

Local administration: Public Center for Social Welfare (PCSW), Technical Department Sint-Niklaas





Public sector



  • 5 residential care centers (550 beds)
  • 108 elderly flats
  • 3 service centers
  • 1 day-care center

Service tickets




  • To organize technical services more efficiently through a new way of working with an integrated, cross-functional team of technicians
  • Top-down imposition and micromanagement are replaced by a result-oriented and more flexible approach, giving employees a greater degree of autonomy in the execution of their tasks.


  • IWMS software that provides an overview of all workflows, requests, notifications, work orders and scheduling in one user-friendly tool
  • Paper work orders are a thing of the past. Technicians can see their work orders and all related information on the go on a mobile device (iPad). Spare parts are also requested via the same tool
  • Provides a complete audit trail starting from request over quotation, purchase and delivery to completion
  • Thanks to status updates, everyone is always up to date on the progress of an assignment.


  • The new way of working is perfectly supported; thanks to configurable software, workflows and system flows coincide.
  • Operations are completely paperless and technicians can manage their work orders on the move. They can take initiative and respond flexibly to changing circumstances.
  • The results-oriented approach is further supported by KPI reporting, benchmarking and a full audit trail.
Spacewell’s IWMS allows us to convert our workflows one-on-one into systemflows. The software is mobile and easy to use; it helps us as a local administration to deliver a contemporary, high-performance service.
Walter Verhelst

Head of Building Management, City & PCSW Sint-Niklaas

The New Way of Working, not just for office jobs!

The Technical Department of the PCSW Sint-Niklaas, which today is part of the Zorgpunt Waasland, changed its way of working a few years ago. Where a series of different trades used to work side by side, the service has now evolved into a well-integrated, cross-functional team. The work philosophy has also changed. Instead of imposing things top-down, there is a more bottom-up approach: employees work according to sliding hours and have a considerable degree of autonomy in the execution of their tasks. Although initially there was some scepticism, this has proven to work well in practice. Technicians in the field can take initiative and respond flexibly to changing circumstances. The priority is always the safety and interests of the residents of the residential care centers and service flats.

Mobile software that provides maximum support for employees

In order to manage all this and increase efficiency, the Sint-Niklaas PCSW opted for Spacewell’s IWMS. This modular software solution provides an overview of all facility processes in one user-friendly tool. In Sint-Niklaas, building managers enter all notifications into the system, so that the head of the technical department has a complete overview. He then creates work orders based on this overview, makes a planning and assigns tasks to individual employees. Printed work orders are a thing of the past. Technicians can see their work orders and all related information on the go on a mobile device (tablet). They can also request parts needed to carry out the work via the software. Thanks to status updates, everyone is always up to date on the progress of an assignment.

Workflows and systemflows coincide

“This approach is in line with the trend at PCSWs to move away from an outdated way of working and mentality, also in the field of facility management,” says Walter Verhelst, Head of Building Management at PCSW Sint-Niklaas. We use digital technology as an efficient work tool and means of communication. With Spacewell’s facility software, we have a system that meets all our requirements. It is standard software so that updates run smoothly. At the same time, the system is highly configurable so that we can translate workflows 1 on 1 into systemflows. The system also offers a full audit trail.”

Output control

“Our experience is that if you give people the freedom and the means to perform well, the results will be positive. Of course there is also control, but without micromanaging. The Spacewell software provides analysis tools and reporting that allow us to monitor and benchmark performance globally, detect anomalies and resolve bottlenecks.”

“My advice to other local authorities: First think carefully about what you want to achieve and how you want to work. Give people in the field the necessary autonomy and define efficient workflows. Then support those processes with digital technology that is flexible enough to adapt to them.”

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