Spacewell boosts its MCS IWMS in 2020 to make building management smarter and more people-centric

MCS 20 IWMS upgrade brings life-cycle intelligence to building operations and empowers organizations to turn workplaces into strategic assets for business performance:

  • OpenBIM data fully embedded into an IWMS that connects with the IoT
  • Unified user interface across all devices, mobile apps, and workplace touchpoints
  • 100% cloud-based (SaaS) solution next to an on-premise & cloud-hosted software release aimed primarily at Spacewell’s large existing MCS customer base
  • Easy and quick to activate, update and scale as a client organization’s workplace strategy matures

Antwerp, 05 march 2020 – Spacewell, a leading provider of building management software that is part of the listed Nemetschek Group, announces a major Q4 2020 upgrade of its MCS Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS). The 2020 update – featuring a unified user interface design and cohesive user experience across devices – empowers organizations to leverage the opportunities of agile workplaces and helps them smarten up facility services and building management.

MCS has been a global leading IWMS solution for many years, recognized for its best-in-class mobile apps and native integration with one of the world’s leading smart building platforms. MCS provides its customers with a great depth of integrated functionality, making it one of the leaders in the 2019 Verdantix Green Quadrant benchmark of integrated workplace management systems (IWMS). The findings of this report are based on a 165-point questionnaire, live product demos and a survey of 300+ customers. The report specifically mentioned Spacewell strengths in:

  • Platform integration across all core IWMS applications
  • Highly intuitive functionality across workplace and service management
  • IoT-enabled solutions

Spacewell to launch next-gen IWMS MCS 20 and MCS ONE in 2020

Coming in Q4, MCS will be available in two flavours: MCS 20 and MCS ONE.

MCS 20 is the next big update to the current MCS 18 version. MCS 20 will help people be more productive, with a personal and intuitive experience that works across all their devices. MCS 20 is a next-generation IWMS designed to empower its users to do their best work, and to interact closely with the building, its occupants and the services provided. MCS 20 IWMS is available as on-premise or cloud-hosted software.

MCS ONE is Spacewell’s cloud-based version of MCS 20, delivered in a SaaS model. All clients using MCS ONE will share the same environment and functionality, with frequent, incremental updates happening automatically for all clients at the same time. MCS ONE will provide the same functionality as MCS 20 at the date of launch. With its dual offering of MCS ONE and Axxerion workflow-based property and facility management software, Spacewell is aligned with the growing market preference for SaaS solutions.

“With the 2020 MCS release, Spacewell continues to raise the bar for IWMS platforms,” said Eric Van Bael, CEO at Spacewell. “By embedding BIM data into IWMS and connecting with the IoT to collect data about operations and building utilization, MCS 20 extends the value of BIM beyond design and construction and opens the way to create digital twins that help owners and project teams leverage intelligence throughout the building life cycle.”

Some of the most prominent and game-changing features of the new MCS 20 release include:

  • Integration of life-cycle BIM and smart FM: the new release enables to leverage OpenBIM data and geometry within the IWMS solution to optimize building operations and facility management.
  • New BI engine that comes preloaded with dynamic, best-practice dashboards
  • Work Manager, the mobile app assisting 25.000 field engineers globally, gets an updated and unified look and feel across devices
  • Smart working for facilities staff with the Work Assistant app, providing clear, highly visual instructions on colour-coded floor plans for cleaning, IT, small repairs or catering. It lets mobile workers generate in-field work orders and connects with the IoT to trigger the right services at the right time based on real-time data from ongoing events
  • One single desktop app, combining the best of all modules
  • Intuitive ribbon navigation providing quick, personalized access to frequently used functionality
  • Outlook add-in synced across devices when booking rooms on various apps and scheduling meetings in Outlook
  • Enhanced operations based on (near) real-time sensor data analytics including scenarios such as comfort monitoring, room utilization and parking space availability
  • Space management for agile workplaces
  • Drill-down functionality and enhanced insights to optimize space and comfort
  • A Personal Assistant mobile app for tickets, services and reservations
  • Smart displays to enrich people’s experience at work: the same app is used in different settings, e.g. meeting room touchscreens and large-screen kiosks for high-traffic areas. These touchpoints facilitate wayfinding and make it easy for building occupants to find and book free spaces, locate co-workers, and book support tickets

Designed to be easily configurable, Spacewell IWMS software provides best practices and rapid time-to-value, making it a trusted solution for large and medium-sized enterprises, public sector organizations, and facility and real estate services providers. The software also connects with the IoT to enable activity-based service delivery, drawing on real-time data about how spaces and services are being used.

ʺIn the 2019 Product Benchmark on Space and Workplace Management Software, Verdantix finds that Spacewell offers strong functionality across space management, workplace services delivery and wellbeing analytics,” said Ibrahim Yate, Industry Analyst at Verdantix. “In particular, Spacewell offers comprehensive analytics for insight into space utilization as well as occupant comfort trends, can minimize touchpoints with customers’ existing IT infrastructure to speed up deployments and supports the facilitation of agile working environments.”

About Spacewell

Spacewell is part of the Nemetschek Group, the only corporate group in the world that covers the entire lifecycle of construction and infrastructure projects, currently counting over 5 million customers worldwide.

Spacewell’s leading technology and software solutions enable its customers around the globe to improve the performance of their real estate assets by consolidating life-cycle data, best-practice processes, and actionable insights onto a single platform. Our main goal is to make buildings work harder for their users. We assist our clients to optimize building maintenance and facility operations and achieve bottom-line savings. And we help them create high-performance workplaces that offer the agility, flexibility, and connectivity needed to support new ways of working. Spacewell’s product portfolio now spans MCS, Axxerion, O-Prognose, Cobundu and Advisory Services. Spacewell was founded in 1989 and currently employs over 300 people across 10 locations.

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