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Welcome aboard!

Great to see so many new faces! We had the pleasure to onboard 30 people from France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and the USA during 2 full weeks in January. On the menu: Cobundu (in Antwerp), Axxerion (in Heteren), a mingling of cultures, local food, global fun, and discovering Amsterdam over the weekend.

We’ve gone through some hectic weeks in Antwerp and The Netherlands. You may have noticed (or just read) that in the last few months Spacewell has grown considerably with a lot of new partners and colleagues joining us. In the first two weeks of January, people in Antwerp and Heteren were able to experience this ‘live’ because a total of 30 people attended the onboarding and training sessions given by some 20 colleagues.

Spacewell Academy

The first week a full training program was set up in Antwerp for Cobundu and the second week the Heteren office was taken over by trainees who went through the Axxerion program.

The training sessions during the day were alternated with a fun evening program, nice food and great company. Everyone has worked hard to get it all organized which has led to two successful weeks. On to the next!