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LED Status Lights: Reservations, Occupancy, CO2 Levels

Are CO2 levels in your meeting rooms safe? Are workstations booked or free? See it at a glance with multi-color LED lights. Using IoT data, they visualize real-time status information and complete the flexible workplace experience.

360° multi-color LEDs

Show room or desk status with different colors, easy to recognize from a distance

Real-time status

The LEDs use IoT data, sent over LoRa, to display real-time status information

Multiple use cases

Use the LED lights to display reservation status, real-time occupancy, or CO2 levels

Reservation status

Led status lights at meeting room

Reservation status

The status lights show the reservation status of rooms or workstations by changing color:

  • Occupied and booked: solid red
  • Occupied but not booked: blinking green
  • Booked but not occupied: solid orange
  • Vacant and not booked: solid green
  • Disabled: solid blue

Real-time occupancy

Led status lights on desktops

Real-time occupancy

For non-reservable rooms or workstations, the status lights can also simply show the actual occupancy status:

  • Occupied: solid red
  • Free: solid green

CO2 levels in a room

Led status lights on meeting room table

CO2 levels in a room

Enclosed spaces such as conference rooms can quickly build up carbon dioxide from our breath. Without sufficient ventilation the air gets stuffy, impacting our cognitive function and decision-making capabilities. An elevated CO2 concentration in a room also increases the risk of airborne virus transmission. With status lights used for this scenario, you immediately see the CO2 level in a room:

  • Excellent: solid green
  • Fair: solid orange
  • Bad: solid red

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