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Industrial style office interior

Office hoteling and desk booking software

Flexibly manage office capacity and allow employees to book their own shifts with user-friendly office hoteling software. Spread employees evenly over the building, to keep everyone safe.

Person carrying suitcase and face mask

Back to work, but how?

Companies are gradually reopening their offices to employees. Strict conditions may apply, such as a limited number of available workstations and a predetermined number of people per floor. There must be a way to increase or decrease the available capacity in a flexible way, so that employees can reserve their ‘shift’ and continue to work safely and in compliance with the measures taken by local authorities.

Comply with capacity limitations

Facilitate working from home or the office

Track occupancy and have an attendee list for contact tracing

Quickly adjust office capacity

Set Office Capacity on tablet

Office capacity setting

Managers can easily set the maximum capacity per building area and assign access to employees. They can also determine how long in advance employees can schedule a slot.

Set Office Capacity on tablet
Contact tracing on laptop and mobile

Contact Tracing

As people schedule their shift at the office, the managers get full lists of attendance to be able to track and inform high-risk contacts in case someone gets infected.

Contact tracing on laptop and mobile
Workplace hoteling and desk booking on mobile and laptop

Easy office hoteling software

Employees get a straightforward process to book their shift at the office. They simply need to open the app and enter the days and locations of their choice.

Workplace hoteling and desk booking on mobile and laptop
Policy alignment

Policy alignment

After the shifts are scheduled, the employee receives a confirmation email with access and safety instructions. Optionally, employees first need to enter a reason which requires an approval before confirmation.

Policy alignment

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