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Office space with drawn interior

Improve space utilization

Monitor & improve space occupancy and utilization to ensure a productive work environment. Determine how much space you still need in the hybrid world of work.

Person using laptop with graphics

Space utilization analytics

Last year’s occupancy benchmarks will no longer be applicable in tomorrow’s office ecosystem. Going forward, workplace leaders will need better data and better analytics. Our sensors capture data anonymously, which is then shown on live floor plans to get a detailed picture of how the building is used during the day. This includes rooms, seats, toilet areas, corridors, and even parking spaces. The combination of real-time and historical space occupancy & utilization data provides the objective insights that are needed to identify underused areas and improve space efficiency.

Granular space occupancy and utilization analysis

Dynamic dashboards for unparalleled insights

The best certified sensors available on the market

Open REST APIs to connect to other applications

Space utilization analytics

Our space utilization analytics drive your efficiency

We help you answer questions like: How many desks do I need? How many people can the office support safely? How much can I save on space? What is my ideal fit-out? We do this through tangible insights into space utilization, traffic, density, and social distancing.

Space utilization analytics
Accurate data platform

The most accurate data platform

Good decisions depend on reliable data. Spacewell only selects the best sensors and data platforms to provide the most granular and reliable data possible, all in one place. We are your one-stop shop to select and implement the right sensors and data sources at the best price on the market.

Accurate data platform
Real-time crowdedness indicator screenshots on mobile devices

Apps that elevate the workplace experience

Spatial data is embedded in the apps, allowing for live space utilization data to be displayed on digital floor plans. This supports the daily activities of both employees and service providers. Employees can find and book spaces based on real-time availability, while the FM staff can redirect their efforts based on actual usage data.

Real-time crowdedness indicator screenshots on mobile devices
Data analytics animation

Unparalleled space utilization insights

The dashboards give a dynamic view of the full data. Whenever you change a single parameter, the whole dashboard adapts dynamically. This makes it easy to look at your real estate from a bird-eye’s view and then zoom in to a more granular level until you get at the detail you need.

Space Monitor Dashboard (Spacewell smart building platform)
Social distancing monitoring graph

Social distance monitoring

You can report on social distancing compliance and understand where most deviations occur based on headcount data covering the entire office area. View the evolution over time and aim for full compliance.

Social distancing monitoring graph

The best sensors for your use case

Spacewell is sensor & BMS vendor neutral. We guarantee the best selection of certified sensors/BMS connectors and constantly certify sensor vendors and data platforms based on a strict certification program.

Workspace tools graph

Integrates with your workplace tools

Would you rather process your space utilization data with your own analytics tools, no problem! Easily export the processed and clean data for any selected period and location to a reporting tool of your choice. Would you like to build your own services on our platform? No problem either. Simply log in as a developer and get access to our wide-open REST APIs.

Workspace tools graph
LAMMP building

Spacewell is unique when it comes to transforming data in actionable insights that lead to actual savings.

Michael Peeters

CEO & Founder of LAMMP

Life & Asset management using Proptech

Axa building - interior stairway

We gear the building to the staff. We measure the use of the workstations and meeting rooms via IoT.

Raf Boterdaele

Head of Building and Facilities Management, AXA Belgium

axa belgium: a smart building for a new work culture


We have been able to terminate a part of our lease contract, which gives me a payback time on my sensors of only one month

Christian Göttsche

Head of Facility Management, PostNord

Postnord: space monitoring to increase space efficiency and sustainability

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