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Monitor thermal comfort and improve workplace wellbeing

There’s a proven correlation between workplace wellbeing and productivity. 87% of employees could benefit from better thermal comfort and a healthier work environment, which in turn leads to lower absenteeism and higher productivity.


Healthier buildings

Track indoor environmental factors to prevent sick building syndrome. Ensure workplace wellbeing and productivity.

Steer the building system

We connect to your building system, capture and analyse the data, and steer the BMS. Alternatively, we can also install wireless sensors.

Get WELL-certified

Use our dashboards and insights to obtain WELL certification

Real-time monitoring

real-time monitoring of thermal comfort and worrkplace wellbeingk

Real-time monitoring

We continuously measure variables such as room temperature, relative humidity and air quality (CO2 concentration, VOCs), and visualize thermal comfort data on floor plans in real time.

Dashboards & data analytics

Thermal comfort dashboard

Dashboards & data analytics

Get a helicopter view of the thermal comfort in your buildings. You can benefit from standard reporting, dashboards, and time lapses, showing the evolution of the indoor climate, such as average conditions and peaks during the day. You can compare comfort data over different time periods and filter the information by spatial and other criteria to gain a better understanding of ambient conditions.

Optimize thermal comfort through a BMS

Ensure thermal comfort & workplace wellbeing

Optimize thermal comfort through a BMS

Spaces that are uncomfortable have a negative impact on people’s ability to work productively. By steering the BMS, we can ensure that your employees have a comfortable work environment.

Open platform

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Open platform

Would you rather build your own services on our platform? No problem. Simply log in as a developer and get access to our wide-open Rest API.


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