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Meeting Room Display

Spacewell smart meeting room displays are ideal for short-notice booking of space and services. These beautifully designed touchscreens connect with the IoT and allow building users to take full advantage of building facilities.


Eliminate ghost meeting and wasted resources, while also enabling users to log service tickets, book equipment, find nearby rooms, and rate rooms

Multilingual interface

Deploy and use the Meeting Room Display in multiple languages at the same time

Remote Management

As a facility manager, sit back and conveniently manage all deployed devices from your PC

Instant booking and services

These wall-mounted displays are ideal for short-notice bookings of space and services. They show the status of a room at a glance (green/red LEDs) based on reservations and live occupancy data from sensors. Our meeting room displays also enable users to see the availability of alternative rooms without having to walk around the office.

Synced with Exchange

Exchange Sync for Microsoft Exchange lets you link meeting room calendars in Exchange with rooms in the Spacewell software. Two-way sync automatically synchronizes in real-time whenever a booking is made, edited or deleted. Users can book a room using any Spacewell touchpoint (e.g.  kiosk, app or room display) or keep using Outlook if they prefer

Find nearby rooms

Tired of walking around the office in the hope of finding a free room? Worry no more, next to our Kiosk, every Meeting Room Display acts as a mini-kiosk, showing the availability of nearby rooms, and allowing you to book them on the spot

Device management


Manage your meeting room displays and kiosks remotely, while staying comfortably behind your computer. Personalize themes and profiles, monitor the displays and update the apps remotely

Touch Panel with LEDs 

This award-winning 10″ Touch Panel is ideal to book a room on the spot, find nearby spaces and services or give feedback and reviews. Users can request services and inform other building occupants about the quality of the room. The room occupancy status is displayed with LED lights. Booking a room can be done anonymously, with user credentials, email address or with the on-board NFC reader.

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