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Smart self-service Kiosk: interactive wayfinding, booking, and services

Our self-service Kiosk, with its large interactive display, is ideal for high-traffic areas. Integrated with the IoT, it shows real-time occupancy on colour-coded floor plans and enables instant booking of rooms and services

Easy booking

View and immediately book rooms, equipment and services across multiple floors


Make it easy for staff and visitors to navigate the building and locate other people

Build a community

Inform people about services in and around the building and add social features, to connect people in the workplace

Prevent the spread of COVID-19: Keep a safe distance at work

The real-time crowdedness indicator helps employees to avoid busy spaces and reduce the risks of viral transmission

Different views for your convenience

Find spaces using the view that suits you best (floor plan, calendar, search criteria, tiles)

Advanced search 

Easily find spaces, services, and people 

Get recommendations

Our self-service Kiosk recommends the best floor for you based on current occupancy

Reservations made easy

Booking a room or desk has never been easier. Moreover, it is bi-directionally synced with Outlook

A professional ticketing booth

A complete and integrated helpdesk at your disposal – it doesn’t just send an email but creates a structured ticket in your IWMS

 Find coworkers

Find your coworkers based on their booked spaces (requires opt-in to protect privacy)

 Rate your space 

How was your meeting room? Was the toilet area clean? Leave a rating to inform others and to trigger facility staff as needed  

Want to explore more? 

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