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Room booking app and digital workplace assistant

The Personal Assistant, a user-friendly tool helping employees seamlessly navigate the workplace. More than just a mere room booking app, this digital assistant makes it easy to:

– Book rooms, services, and catering all at once
– Report issues,  review, and give ratings and recommendations
– Locate a coworker and find a space that fits your needs


This smart room booking app provides an intuitive interface for interacting with the built environment


Personalized workplace guidance (your events, locations, booking, etc.) supported by real-time sensor data

Flexible working

The workplace app supports activity-based working (easily find free spaces and coworkers in a shared-desk environment)

Your day in one simple overview

Your events, location, bookings, lunch, all neatly combined in your daily timeline

See real-time availability

Easily find your comfort spot with interactive floor plans showing real-time occupancy

Find a service from the Action center

Choose a shortcut from the Action center to go straight to what you want to do

“Hey Spacewell,
I want to…”

Use the built-in voice assistant to search for people and spaces

Find people across the building

We promise never to intrude anyone’s privacy, so only when a coworker allows it, can you track their location based on their booked seat or space.

Easily book a room

Find available rooms based on multiple search criteria and then complete your booking with participants, equipment and services

Add the right services for a great meeting experience

Easily claim your seat in a dynamic workplace

Every space shows its availability, ambient conditions, and available services. Book it in the app or use your phone NFC/QR to claim it on the spot.

Integrated helpdesk to log a structured ticket in the IWMS

No need to open an application on your PC or to send an email (that will get lost anyway). Simply use the app to log your tickets and add pictures to assist the facilities or IT staff

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