Smart building services and intelligent space management

Spacewell’s smart building technology platform assists users in real-time and helps improve comfort, space, and resource usage. Building users love it for the intuitive interaction and personal assistance it provides. And building managers, occupiers, and service providers love it for its fast ROI through increased efficiencies and data-led insights.

Actionable insights

AI-driven smart building technology triggers actions in real-time powered by any underlying IWMS

Cloud software

Easy to set up. Just download the app or use the web to benefit from the latest software

Across all devices

From sensor data capture, fusion and visualization, to end-user guidance through a series of state-of-the-art touchpoints

Open data platform

We connect with a wide range of 3rd party hardware and software to offer a future-proof solution that keeps you free from lock-in

Spacewell offers a leading IOT
platform for Smart Buildings


Verdantix Benchmark reveals Spacewell as a Global Leader In The Highly Competitive IoT Platforms For Smart Buildings Market as they demonstrated an excellent breadth of
functionality and good market momentum.

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Optimize space usage (smart building scenario: Space Monitor)

Did you know that only 40% of office space is used on an average workday? The savings potential is huge: with an average cost of 1,740 $ per work station per year, organizations can save millions. Start by monitoring space occupancy and utilization, then leverage this data to fit out the space in the best possible way.


» Understand workplace space utilization


 » Get expert recommendations based on data, from day one


» Safeguard privacy with anonymous data capture

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Provide a healthy work environment

Many businesses fail their employees in terms of providing a healthy work environment. Reliable data is often unavailable or hidden away in a BMS. We provide and visualize this data, enabling you to improve workplace comfort and well-being


» Keep tabs on indoor air quality (ISO 7730:2005)


» Permanently monitor thermal comfort (temperature and humidity)


» Ensure workplace health, well-being, and productivity


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Multi-service kiosk

Let people directly interact with the smart building through a range of touchpoints (apps, touchscreens, displays) to easily book rooms, desks, tickets and to find facilities, assets and coworkers.


» Booking made easy


»  Easily find a free desk


»  Sync with Outlook Calendar


»  Order services and book tickets


»  Stay synced with your IWMS



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Smart room display

Ideal for short-notice booking of space and service tickets. Equipped with clearly visible coloured LEDs, these touchscreens eliminate ghost meeting and wasted resources


» Intuitive interface for interacting with the workplace environment

» Personalized guidance based on real-time sensor data and user preferences

» Supports activity-based working (find free spaces, colleagues, etc.)

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Mobile Personal Assistant

Let people directly interact with the building through a range of touchpoints (apps, touchscreens, displays) to easily book rooms, desks, tickets and to find facilities, assets and coworkers.


» Booking on the go


»  Easily find a free desk


»  Sync with Outlook Calendar


»  Order services and book tickets


»  Stay synced with your IWMS



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Assist facilities staff

Support the facilities team with a virtual Work Assistant, combining scheduled tasks with service requests and sensor-triggered interventions, all neatly prioritized and displayed on floor plans to streamline the everyday chaos of facility services


» Facilitate dynamic, activity-based service delivery

» Steer cleaning, catering, IT or small repairs using 1 intuitive app

» Easily onboard new staff using the in-app work instructions

» Benefit from real-time tasks and triggers from IoT sensors

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Assist maintenance staff

With a handy mobile app, neatly arranging scheduled work, emergencies and triggered alerts, technicians can efficiently manage work orders on the go and complete tasks faster and better.


» Intuitive user interface with pictures, geomap, overview and calendar


» Continue to work offline if you lose the internet connection


»  Interactive checklists for in-field task guidance and quality control


»  Start-stop timer and simple consumption of materials


» Fast access to equipment data (incl. full maintenance history) and related documents



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“With Spacewell, we can provide predictive analytics and insights to improve future occupancy planning”

Cushman & Wakefield

“Spacewell Space Monitor was a successful project with high added value for
our space management”

“We chose Spacewell to make our facility services & workplace cutting edge and ahead of the competition”

“We build smart buildings, powered by Spacewell, and we wanted to inspire our visitors”



Join thousands of users and get access to dashboards, recommendations, mobile apps for employees and facilities staff.
Power your entire team and let the building work for you. The ultimate building experience awaits.


We’ve been right on the money since the start, bringing saving opportunities within the first months


Don’t worry about paying per user, access is for everyone

100% SAAS

Relax and benefit from continuous updates with zero charges for maintenance 


Start small & dream big, volume-based pricing allows you to grow at your own pace
Update Coronavirus (COVID-19): Spacewell goes remote. Demos, meetings and information sessions are still going on, but are only organized online.