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Energy management software & office building energy monitor

Monitor energy consumption to benchmark performance and identify targeted improvement projects

Cost reduction

Reduce energy consumption and building operating costs on a recurring basis


Improve energy efficiency and create a more sustainable organization


Increase the value and marketability of your real estate

Turn energy data into actionable intelligence

Turn energy data into actionable intelligence

Providing organization-wide visibility into meter infrastructure, Spacewell’s energy management software captures energy data from a variety of sources (smart meters, sensors, utility bills, building energy management systems, etc.) and collates the information in a central database. The solution structures the energy data and transforms it into relevant metrics, allowing for analysis, comparison and benchmarking of buildings over time.

Spacewell’s solution for Energy Management is modern, versatile, reliable and convenient

Bert Koning

Unit Manager, RDW

Manage your energy infrastructure

Manage your energy infrastructure

  • Configure the system to notify relevant individuals at predetermined times regarding meter readings that need to be submitted.
  • Using the web-based energy management software, meter readings can be submitted online per property and you have direct and central access to the data
  • Manage meters and link them to your location, asset, contract, and energy supplier.
  • Monitor the energy consumption/production over time and get insights through intuitive reports.

Costs & maintenance handling

Axxerion Energy Meter screenshot

Costs & maintenance handling

  • Assign prices per unit to determine tariffs and charges.
  • Use the running hours of assets to manage maintenance efficiently.
  • Report against one or more configurable threshold values such as normal, warning and critical value.


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