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CRE – Corporate Real Estate Software

Maximize the operational, financial and technical performance of your buildings. And align your real estate portfolio with continuously changing business needs and new ways of working

Easy-to-use cloud software

Anytime, anywhere on a desktop, tablet or mobile. Never worry about back-ups or updates.


Our software adapts to your business, not the other way around. From standard to complex, we make it possible.


The software can easily exchange data with other systems. Whether it’s a link to admin or a financial system, there are plenty of possibilities.

Overview of the real estate portfolio

In order to be able to automate, we start by organizing. It doesn’t matter what agreements you made with whom. Our software makes it easy to capture all information, including your contacts, contracts, building file, and more.
 Increasingly, building data & analytics is becoming essential to drive real estate value
Cor Treure

Director IT and Innovation, MVGM

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance of buildings, installations, and equipment is essential to increase reliability and optimize costs. The software provides workflows that are used in creating work orders for planned maintenance. Technicians then carry out the activities following the established maintenance plan. This prevents damage, failures, defects, and inconvenience at a later time.

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance consists of troubleshooting. After receiving, for example, a repair request, you will be able to direct your suppliers. The software also enables you to determine the response times required for different installations and to monitor SLAs.

Contract management

Increase visibility into contract data by registering lease-in, lease-out, and maintenance contracts in the software. With statuses and notifications, you can then easily streamline contract management, such as cancellations, renewals, but also payments and supplier reviews. All possible costs and revenues can be registered per contract period. These include service costs, the amount of the rent and deposit, but also rent-free periods or maintenance costs. 

Service charge settlement

By recording all costs and advances of a rental unit in the software, you will be able to set off these data against each other. On the basis of these offsettings, the full-service charge settlement is then established. With allocation keys, you can charge the correct cost to the right tenant. Different keys can be created for different types of costs; for example, glass washing or house service costs. All advances, costs, and invoices received are written on journal entries. This gives you a clear overview at all times.

Dashboards and reporting

You want to keep your management and users happy and satisfied. Spacewell software is the link between various stakeholders. It allows you to manage and optimize both the yield requirements and comfort levels in your portfolio.

Up-to-date management information is essential in order to be able to analyse and adjust on an operational, strategic and tactical level. In addition to providing hundreds of standard reports, the system enables you to compile customer-specific reports with graphs, gauges or lists. Specify a dashboard (e.g. building, contract, portfolio or tenant) and the data will be updated and visualized in real-time. You can also choose to receive selected dashboards and reports daily or weekly via an automatically generated email.

These are just some of the many features.

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