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Commercial property management software

Keep your vacant space leased, increase yield, and keep your tenants happy. How? By organizing all information in one place, managing processes with efficient workflows and making informed decisions based on real-time insights.

Integrated cloud software

Spacewell commercial property management software is a fully integrated solution that accommodates all real estate related processes.


Our software adapts to your business, not the other way around. From standard to complex, we make it possible.


The software can easily exchange data with other systems. Whether it’s a link to admin or a financial system, there are plenty of possibilities.

Overview of the real estate portfolio

In order to be able to automate, we start by organizing. It doesn’t matter what agreements you made with whom. Our commercial property management software makes it easy to capture all information, including your contacts, contracts, building file, and more.
Increasingly, building data & analytics is becoming essential to drive real estate value
Cor Treure

Director IT and Innovation, MVGM

Tenant portal

A portal in the client’s house style provides tenants with the information that matters to them (personal info, contract terms, rented objects). Through the portal, the tenant can view the answers to frequently asked questions, report malfunctions or make repair requests. Through an itemized list, responsibility for repairs is made transparent.

You can also use the portal to facilitate the end of the lease and give a tenant the option to cancel the rental agreement. On the basis of the contract information, the tenant is immediately informed about the notice period and end date. With the help of a workflow, your organization will be informed of the cancellation and can prepare the next steps.

Financial management and invoicing

The software enables you to generate and send rental invoices, detect overdue payments, and streamline the purchase invoice process.  In addition to drawing up your profit and loss account on the basis of turnover and costs, there are many other possibilities. Of course, you can also link our commercial property management software system to your financial system

Service charge settlement

By recording all costs and advances of a rental unit in the software, you will be able to set off these data against each other. On the basis of these offsettings, the full-service charge settlement is then established. With allocation keys, you can charge the correct cost to the right tenant. Different keys can be created for different types of costs; for example, glass washing or house service costs. All advances, costs, and invoices received are written on journal entries. This gives you a clear overview at all times.

Long-term maintenance and energy management

In addition to the management of preventive and corrective maintenance operations, you can accommodate multi-year maintenance plans in our software. Furthermore, the system supports you with energy management. It allows you to capture measurement values and link a price per unit to the meters. In this way, rates can be calculated and passed on. Also, you can calculate maintenance intervals on the basis of operating hours. Through emission management, you gain insight into your organization’s carbon footprint.

Dashboards and reporting

You want to keep your landlords and tenants happy and satisfied. Spacewell software is the link between various stakeholders. It allows you to manage and optimize both the yield requirements and comfort levels in your portfolio.

Up-to-date management information is essential in order to be able to analyse and adjust on an operational, strategic and tactical level. In addition to providing hundreds of standard reports, the system enables you to compile customer-specific reports with graphs, gauges or lists. Specify a dashboard (e.g. building, contract, portfolio or tenant) and the data will be updated and visualized in real-time. You can also choose to receive selected dashboards and reports daily or weekly via an automatically generated email.

This is just the basic functionality.

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