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COVID-19 solutions for facility service providers

Service providers need to adjust their way of working and dynamically adapt to variable building occupancy. We bring their teams real-time contextual information on mobile tools.


Challenges for service providers

Technicians and cleaners must be able to respond quickly to what is happening in offices, on hospital floors, or in other workplaces, in order to maintain a safe and comfortable environment. Service providers will also find themselves having to adjust their service contracts to the needs and expectations of the modern, dynamic workplace. This implies a shift to outcome-based service level agreements and activity-based service delivery rather than fixed schedules.

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Graphic of man wearing a medical mask

Service provider solutions for the post-pandemic office

Work assistant

Safe and smart cleaning

Deploy the smart Work Assistant mobile app to enhance cleaning protocols with real-time data that support cleaning staff. Spacewell is helping hospitals and other organizations to keep their workers safe, by bringing contextual data to the cleaning crew on mobile devices.

Contract Management

Adjusting service contracts

Spacewell solutions enable you to enhance cleaning schedules and improve management of HVAC based on measurement data from sensors, building management systems, and incoming service requests.


Solutions that work for service providers and their clients in the (post-)COVID-19 era

AZ Maria Middelares

Smart hospitals

With the growing number of COVID-19 patients, AZMM needed additional functionality so that cleaners could immediately see the status of different zones and the applicable safety measures

B2B building

B2B Building support center

We launched an online crisis platform to safeguard the operational continuity of critical buildings and organizations in uncertain times

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