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Office re-entry solutions for workplace managers

We help you prepare your offices for the new 6 feet /1.5 m world.  And bring you the data and tools required to adapt quickly and effectively to the demands of the modern post-COVID-19 workplace.


The management perspective

Right now, the priority is to keep each other safe, and facility managers have a key role to play, especially when people start migrating back to the office. Companies are taking steps to tackle this transition phase and ensure compliance while maintaining safety and comfort levels for staff, clients, and visitors. The pandemic has inadvertently triggered a mass experiment in remote working showing us how we can all work in a more digital and flexible way. And this is giving us an insight into the workplace of the future.

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Graphic of woman wearing a mask

Manager solutions for the post-pandemic office

Space monitor

Monitor social distancing

Real-time measurement of workplace occupancy and utilization is a powerful workplace application of the Internet of Things. Based on this data, management can monitor social distancing measures.

Comfort monitor

Monitor indoor air quality

There will be a growing demand for assessing and improving indoor air quality, comfort, and health in the workplace; whether to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, or give employees peace of mind when returning to the office.


How our solutions help companies survive and thrive in the post-COVID era

6 Feet office

The 6 Feet Office

The 6 Feet Office concept by Cushman & Wakefield is designed to ensure that six feet, the recommended measurement for safe social distancing, stays between people at all times. 


Optimized space

PostNord uses granular workplace utilization data to effectively plan space occupancy. This enables the company to re-evaluate lease contracts and achieve an optimal space/cost ratio


Air quality matters

Learn more about indoor air quality (IAQ), why it’s important, and how to make improvements.

Management challenges in the long term

74% of CFOs

plan to shift some employees to remote work permanently after the crisis


Even before the pandemic struck, remote work was on the increase. In the post-COVID era, alternating between working remotely and working from an office is likely to become even more common. Management, therefore, needs reliable and sufficiently detailed usage data to re-assess workplace space needs, make informed decisions about the office footprint, and adjust maintenance schedules, workplace concepts, and leases.

Property management

Property Management

Make sure you can evaluate your property portfolio based on facts, take advantage of your next lease renewals and optimize space efficiency and rental costs.

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