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Digital solutions for employee assistance

When people return to the office, they need to be able to do so safely. Our digital solutions provide workers with real-time guidance, improving their safety, comfort, and well-being.


The employee experience

Workplace guidance is now more important than ever. Digital floor plans with real-time occupancy information enable people to see which spaces are busy and which are still quiet – at a glance, even if the office extends over several floors. That way, employees don’t have to walk around looking for a suitable place, they have this information readily available on a range of user-friendly touchpoints.

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Graphic of man wearing a medical mask

Employee solutions for the post-pandemic office


Real-time crowdedness indicator

We’ve implemented a real-time crowdedness indicator to help employees and visitors avoid busy spaces and reduce the risks of viral transmission. This information is visible on the Kiosk display across several floors at once, without even the need to touch the screen.

Personal assistant

Your Personal Assistant

Spacewell’s Personal Assistant app provides employees with real-time information on a personal device that no one else touches. It helps employees safely navigate the workplace and spend their day more productively.

Meetings & Reservations

Remote meeting management 

Combine utilization data with a robust reservation system to verify which spaces are used or vacant, and which desks or seats are taken. Remotely and safely manage the reception area.

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