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Workplace solutions for the COVID-19 and post-COVID era

Our mission is to improve the performance of buildings, the productivity and well-being of the people in those buildings, and the services provided to them.

What is the impact of the coronavirus?

The coronavirus COVID-19 has put the modern workplace in turmoil. This has short and long-term implications for management, service providers as well as employees. When we return to the office, transitional measures will need to be put in place, such as workplace distancing. Technology can help keep people safe and we are working with major real estate players to quickly implement solutions. Beyond this transition phase, the coronavirus crisis will also have a lasting impact on how we work and what we expect from our workspaces.

Our approach

The moment people return to the office,  they must be able to work safely and get a clear signal that their company is concerned about their well-being. Spacewell software and IoT-based solutions help occupants, managers, and service providers do just that. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Want to see how Spacewell can help you?

Making the Post-Pandemic Office Work: Spacewell Educational Documentary

Making the Post-Pandemic Office Work video preview

Solutions for a changing office

Spacious office

For managers

We help you prepare your offices for the new 6 feet /1.5 m world. And we bring you the data and tools required to adapt quickly and effectively to the demands of the modern post-COVID-19 workplace.

Employees social distancing

For employees

When people return to the office, they need to be able to do so safely. Our digital solutions provide workers with real-time guidance, improving their safety, comfort, and well-being.

Service provider

For service providers

Service providers need to adjust their way of working and dynamically adapt to variable building occupancy. We bring their teams real-time contextual information on mobile tools.

Free guide: Solutions for the post-pandemic workplace

As Coronavirus restrictions are being relaxed, businesses face a lot of challenges. Social distancing and hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the virus will likely need to remain in place until a vaccine becomes available. This has implications for how we work and how workplaces are managed and serviced. Challenges to create and maintain a safe and productive workplace revolve around:

  • Workplace density and social distancing
  • Reservations and contact tracing
  • Smart employee assistance
  • Indoor climate monitoring
  • Effective cleaning and sanitation
Struggling With Returning To The Office booklet cover

Solutions for the post-pandemic workplace

This guide discusses digital solutions for the post-pandemic workplace from 3 perspectives:

  • Managerial challenges
  • Employee needs
  • Service provider solutions

Download the guide