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Facility condition assessment software | Property inspections

Efficiently perform property inspections and use norm-based facility condition assessment software to evaluate the state of your buildings and technical installations. This data will support you to set maintenance priorities and drive long-term planning and budgeting.

User-friendly apps

Mobile apps provide rich information and in-field capabilities that speed up the inspection process

Entirely paperless

End-to-end digital support minimizes manual errors and standardizes work procedures

Norm-based condition assessment

Deficiencies are identified and rated according to industry standards to provide a benchmark of the current performance

Property inspections

Open Inspections

Property inspections

  • Our mobile inspection app supports you during the whole inspection process, from preparing inspection lists to capturing defects and booking work orders, all from a smartphone or tablet
  • Integration with work order management allows inspectors to quickly check for open work orders and add new ones
  • Provide configurable templates and QR code scanning, review inspections and produce reporting based on reliable data
Stockholm station

Stockholm’s subway system is truly one of a kind. One hundred stations, each with unique art on its platform, walls or waiting hall. Since 1957 the metro’s stations have been spruced up with beautiful statues, murals, and installations. Spending a day in Stockholm’s metro is basically like visiting the world’s longest art exhibition.

Since 2016, MTR relies on Spacewell software to efficiently organize all the work in the Stockholm station surroundings, including inspection rounds, planning & tracking of operations and the collection of energy management data.


Stockholm commuter railway and subway management company

Facility condition assessment

O-prognose inspections

Facility condition assessment

  • Capture the condition of buildings and technical installations during a visual inspection (standard list of deficiencies)
  • Work offline anywhere and synchronize later; capture pictures and audio commentary
  • Objectively rate the conditions of assets based on industry standards, identify maintenance actions and their urgency

Time gains

Inspection routes mobile screenshots

Time gains

  • Inspectors have access to rich information in the field and a clear view on the route to follow
  • With no need to enter/retype information after the inspection round is completed, a mobile app reduces time wasted with manual input; also, there is no need to redo property inspections due to lost or incomplete “paper” information
  • Full integration with work order management saves even more time and speeds up problem resolution

Empowering inspectors

Create new inspections mobile screenshots

Empowering inspectors

  • Makes inspectors’ lives easier with clear instructions and pictures of locations and assets to inspect
  • Relieves field workers of performing manual procedures and even enables them to create their own property inspection rounds
  • By providing a standardized approach, the app also speeds up the learning curve

Better quality and relevant insights

Work orders and objects screenshots on mobile

Better quality and relevant insights

  • The app provides standardization of work procedures and minimizes manual errors on the part of the inspector
  • The app and underlying database collect relevant information regarding all inspection rounds
  • Managers gain insight into key parameters and pain points, enabling them to make better-informed decisions


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