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BIM-enabled asset inventory and tracking software

Manage your organization’s assets, starting from BIM or from any asset inventory list.

FM BIM Integration

Reuse your BIM model to create a digital twin of your asset portfolio

On the go

Keep your data up to date wherever you are with the asset inventory app

Asset catalogues

Choose your categorization for different asset groups anywhere in the world

Spacewell BIM for FM

Spacewell BIM for FM video overlay

Start from BIM to manage and operate your building

Building management graph

BIM is a digital collaboration platform to manage the entire life cycle of the building (Design – Construct – Manage) in a single data-sharing platform. Use BIM data to improve asset and facilities management (FM BIM). And create a Digital Twin by combining BIM as-built information with data about the usage phase of the building (operations, user devices, IoT sensors and more).

Bidirectional FM BIM integration


Bidirectional FM BIM integration

  • Bidirectional data exchange between BIM and Spacewell software
  • Sync data using Open BIM, supporting any BIM authoring tool (Revit, Allplan, Solibri, ArchiCAD)
  • Actionable FM BIM model (Search and find assets, drill down for a deeper insight, add annotations, tickets, and work orders directly on the model)

Asset tracking

Inventory screenshot

Asset tracking

  • Track all company assets and manage information such as asset value and condition
  • Manage inventory levels of all your organization’s assets
  • Assign assets to users and enable booking of shared assets, complete with check-in and check-out functionality
  • Create and edit asset information online or using the mobile app

Maintenance planning

Maintenance plan screenshot

Maintenance planning

  • Centrally store and manage information about asset warranties
  • Determine asset condition, value, and replacement cost to develop long term maintenance plans
  • Perform purchasing and asset depreciation calculations

Asset maintenance

Axxerion Energy Meter screenshot

Asset maintenance

  • Maintain assets through scheduled maintenance
  • Provide mobile tools to field technicians to manage work orders on the go


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