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Corrective maintenance & work order software

Drive asset performance with standard, highly configurable corrective maintenance & work order software that enables seamless workflow management across multiple touchpoints

Scheduling boards

A single view of work orders, interactive planning boards, and skills-based resource allocation

Mobile work management

Efficiently manage work orders on the go, track time and materials consumption

SLA monitoring

Monitor and improve the quality of outsourced maintenance activities with SLA reporting and dashboards

Efficient corrective maintenance management 

  • Get a clear view of pending work orders through personalized overviews.
  • Easily share and print work orders to get the right info into the field
  • Assign work resources and create task forces with planners and members
Spacewell software enables us to assign and carry out work orders much more effectively. Our daily activities have been significantly improved as a result
Thomas Silde

Customer Service Manager, Q-Park Norway

Configurable workflows

  • Define corrective maintenance work order types with their own workflows and statuses
  • Create templates for recurring tasks (e.g. maintenance, onboarding of new employees, specific repairs)
  • Design personalized email templates and recipients per work order status and send automatic status-based email notifications
  • Define auto-assignment rules for known work order types to speed up the time to dispatch and time-to-resolve

Supplier management

Manage your workers and suppliers in one single work order software environment and keep tabs on their performance:

  • Set the prioritization (automatically) based on the maintenance contract
  • Define corrective maintenance reaction and execution times and monitor SLAs in real-time
  • Benefit from ready-to-use KPI/SLA reporting and dashboards
  • Visualize historical data to monitor performance and demonstrate compliance
  • Detect poorly performing areas and take informed actions

Work order planner & resource scheduler

Get a cockpit view of work orders and related resources:

  • Manage incoming work orders from various sources (booked tickets, sensors & BMS triggers, maintenance schedules)
  • Plan resources using personalized planning boards
  • Assign the right resources and materials based on skills and availability
  • Always maintain an overview and stay abreast of all activities
  • Group work orders and the related resources together

Dedicated apps to optimize field service management

Maintenance Assistant

Manage maintenance work orders in the field online and offline. Guarantee compliance through the use of interactive checklists. Capture time and materials consumption for accurate invoicing.

Facilities Assistant

Facilitate service delivery with this intuitive app for cleaning, catering, IT and small repairs, steered by real-time sensor triggers, planned tasks, and service requests


Perform route-based, entirely paperless field inspections. Access information and capture defects on the go.  View existing work orders and automatically generate structured work orders for new defects.

Quality assurance

  • Track work history and communication in a ‘single source of truth’
  • Generate interactive checklists and attach them to work orders (work and safety instructions)
  • Improve quality control with open checklists that have to be completed by field workers before a work order can get ‘finished’ status
  • Trigger new work orders based on the answers provided on the checklists in our work order software

Keep track of your facilities stock

  • Centrally manage your facility stocks with a minimum of administration
  • Quickly browse stock items and view their status (reserved, available, reordered, etc.)
  • Maintain stock levels using different replenishment methods
  • Give technicians easy access to materials needed to execute work orders

Time and materials

  • Ensure that technicians have all the materials and spare parts they need to carry out their work through a clear bill of materials
  • Make standard items available from a products and services catalogue. Stock levels are adjusted accordingly.
  • Add ad hoc items to work orders when missing from the catalogue
  • Apply predefined price lists for known products and suppliers.

Quotations and invoices

  • Request quotations directly from the work order software and select the preferred supplier
  • The work orders provide insight into expected and actual costs, such as the number of hours of work involved and materials used.
  • Costs are gathered on invoices attached to the work order or grouped on larger invoices


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