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Space management software for corporate facilities

Successfully manage the rapidly changing workplace

Space optimization

Optimize space occupancy, resources and equipment use

Data-informed workplace strategy

Support new ways of working and organizational agility

Connected real-time data

Leverage utilization data for workplace assistance and informed decision making

Manage your space portfolio

  • Space management software lets you browse locations in a tree structure
  • Standardize area measurement (EN 15221-6, ISO 9836) for benchmarks
  • View actual, historical, and future space utilization
We now have visibility into actual space usage and unused spaces, which allowed us to optimize cleaning costs
Els Van Damme

Director of Infrastructure and Facility Management, Ghent University

Space allocation

  • Allocate space to departments, cost centres or external tenants
  • See changes in the data automatically reflected on floor plans
  • Gain insight into the evolution of occupancy/vacancy

Graphical space exploration

  • Explore space and assets through 2D models
  • Import CAD drawings and convert them into spatial data (dynamic floor plans)
  • Import BIM models, incl. all parameters and 3D geometry

Equipment tracking

  • Maintain up-to-date visibility into equipment inventories
  • Map assets on floor plans (drag & drop to move)
  • Assign assets to locations and users

Analyse the space stacking

  • Analyse building efficiency and space performance
  • Run occupancy/vacancy reports
  • Monitor performance with KPI dashboards

Space utilization monitoring

  • Gain detailed insight into space occupancy and vacancy
  • Track presence in real-time with motion sensors, image sensors or BMS data (anonymous data collection)
  • Overlay utilization data on floor plans to optimize space layouts and allocation

Corporate relocation management

  • Capture move requests
  • Create move lists
  • Execute move projects

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