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Person cleaning desk

Service app for smart cleaning

Assist cleaning crews with a smart service app that provides floorplan-based instructions and speeds up response times. Adapt cleaning procedures to comply with safety regulations and automate tasks based on IoT data.

Team cleaning office

Clean more or clean better?

Maintaining healthy facilities has never been more important. In a pandemic-sensitive world, employees see cleaning and disinfection procedures as one of their highest priority concerns when returning to the office. This is impacting how and how often facilities are cleaned. Simply cleaning more, however, is not an effective strategy to keep people safe. So how can an organization clean better? The key is an intuitive service app that uses real-time sensor data to provide dynamic, floorplan-based guidance to janitorial workers.

“If building users are mostly sitting at their workplaces, do they really benefit when cleaners disinfect the door handles in a conference room that hasn’t been used all day?”

Simply cleaning more doesn’t automatically lead to better outcomes.

Person watching the guided cleaning application on a tablet

Guided Cleaning

First, we import cleaning schedules into the Spacewell software. This will automatically identify what types of cleaning activities must be done where and at what frequency. Tasks are broken down into their component parts, that can be illustrated with pictures or videos (including safety warnings) and accompanied by instructions and information about the cleaning products needed for the task. This information feeds into an app that shows these tasks on digital floor plans.

Person watching the guided cleaning application on a tablet
Person watching the augmented cleaning application on a tablet

Enhanced Cleaning

The smart service app guides cleaners to where they need to go and shows them what tasks they have to do, in order of priority. Cleaners have the autonomy to redirect their activities to locations where urgent needs have emerged.

They can also activate tickets themselves – notifying managers if they notice anything that requires additional attention or that cannot be completed as anticipated.

Person watching the augmented cleaning application on a tablet
Triggered cleaning on tablet

Triggered Cleaning

Sensor data can automatically trigger cleaning tasks for conference rooms and workstations that need to be disinfected between reservations. The tasks are logged and show up on the Service App once the space is vacated. Door count sensors installed at the entrance to a bathroom can trigger cleaning or refills when utilization reaches certain thresholds.

Triggered cleaning on tablet
The service app on a tablet

The Spacewell service app

The service app was built together with facility services providers and perfected over many years to offer extreme user-friendliness for FM and janitorial staffers, even those with limited language & technology skills.

The service app on a tablet

Redefine what it means to clean better

Cleaning trolly

More efficient use of cleaner time and materials

Person cleaning computer keyboard

More effort allocated to cleaning where it matters

Empty office with corridor

Better user outcome: improved health, safety, and satisfaction

AZ Maria Middelares interior

Case study: AZMM general hospital

With the growing number of COVID-19 patients, AZMM needed additional functionality so that cleaners could immediately see the status of different zones and the applicable safety measures. Learn more about this award-winning case.

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