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Service management software and facility helpdesk ticketing system

Ensure service excellence to enhance the occupant experience

Configurable workflows

Execute work in a timely and effective way with workflow-based service management software

Increase efficiency

Automate ticketing and skills-based dispatching of work orders

Multiple touchpoints

Provide occupants various touchpoints to log requests in the helpdesk ticketing system

Self-service requests

  • Centralize requests from multiple channels in a single point
  • Improve the first-time-right ratio through configurable request templates
  • Log tickets on the go and follow up on ticket resolution
  • Annotate pictures or record voice notes
  • Scan QR codes or use the floorplan to book tickets even faster
Spacewell software enabled us to take on new
business lines and helped us increase square feet
serviced and managed by 15 to 20%
Gordon Hulley

CEO, Excellerate Holdings Ltd

Service center

  • Control center for managing customers and processing tickets
  • Escalation of urgent calls
  • Configurable service specifications with skills-based resource allocation

Work order management

  • Automate the creation of work orders (generated from helpdesk tickets, preventive maintenance plan or triggered by sensors)
  • Use templates to facilitate standard work practices
  • Record the reason for interventions and error codes

Work scheduler

  • Assign work to your staff or to subcontractors by drag-and-dropping work orders
  • Choose the right resources with skills-based resource allocation
  • Choose between micro and macro planning of work based on your planning precision needs
  • Create your planning boards to efficiently organize all open tasks

Stock management

  • Centrally manage your facility stocks with a minimum of administration
  • Quickly browse stock items and view their status (reserved, available, reordered, etc.)
  • Maintain stock levels using different replenishment methods
  • Give technicians easy access to materials needed to execute work orders
  • Prevent unauthorized stock operations through role-specific rights management
  • Manage stock transactions on a smartphone

Project management

  • Automate real estate and facility projects with company-specific workflows
  • Stay in control of project schedules, finances, and risks
  • Balance personnel workload and optimize the use of resources
  • Effectively collaborate in real-time
  • Secure sensitive project data by managing access rights
  • Use project history for reinforcement of project management best practices

Configurable workflows

  • Use the workflow designer to build organization-specific business processes
  • Alternatively, use our built-in, best-practice workflows
  • Take advantage of the workflow interface to visualize the action.
  • Create an unlimited number of business processes

SLA monitoring

  • Benefit from ready-to-use KPI/SLA reporting and dashboards
  • Support decision making through real-time dashboards
  • Visualize historical data to monitor performance and demonstrate compliance

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