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Hospitality management and meeting room booking system

Ensure an optimal meeting and visitor experience

Multiple touchpoints

A wide range of touchpoints assist different types of users in different situations across the workplace

Real-time occupancy

Live data from sensors shows space availability in real-time on floor plans and cancels vacant meetings


Integrated hospitality management melds workplace reservations
with visitor handling

Reservations made simple


With its large interactive display, it’s ideal for high-traffic areas. Integrated with the IoT, it shows real-time occupancy on floor plans and enables instant booking of rooms, services and tickets


 Conveniently book spaces, services, and equipment all at once. Empower workers through self-service and advanced features for more complex reservations 

Mobile app

More than a mere room booking app, this workplace digital assistant makes it easy to book rooms, services, and catering. Report issues, rate, and review spaces or locate a coworker and find adequate space

Outlook Add-in

Find a meeting room from your Outlook appointment. Simply open the add-in, search, and select a room from the list, then select and order extra services.

Room Display

Ideal for short-notice booking of spaces and services. These beautifully designed touchscreens connect with the IoT and allow building users to take full advantage of building facilities.


Use your badge or smartphone: by scanning a workplace tag or room display you can book that space instantly without having to enter any information

Effortlessly manage meetings and services

  • Reliable reservations process through a single, centralized point of reference
  • Full integration with work orders, stock management, and reception services
  • Allocation and charge-back of costs using configurable business rules
 By using intelligent technology, Spacewell Meeting Room Displays have improved occupancy of our 200 meeting rooms by 30%”
Peggy Excelmans

Facilities It Systems Team Lead, Flemish Government

Sensor data integration

  • Shows real-time occupancy of meeting rooms and desks
  • Non-intrusive and easily placed across your workspaces
  • Anonymous data capture respects the privacy of individuals
  • Sensor-based protocols cancel “ghost” meetings to increase available spaces

Visitor handling

  • Quick registration of incoming and leaving visitors
  • Reduced waiting lines through automated self-check-in
  • Custom design and printing of name cards
  • Registration of badges and follow-up on badge return
  • Presence tracking for evacuation purposes
  • Visitor announcement while booking rooms
  • Import of bulk visitor lists for large events


  • View live and historical data showing the measured reality
  • Analyse trends (occupancy, use of services, KPIs)
  • Predict evolutions (right-size space and services)


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