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Preventive maintenance software

Take control of the life-cycle performance of your buildings and installations and gain insight into maintenance costs in the short and long term

Fast activation

User-friendly preventive maintenance software that is easy to implement for any industry of building portfolio

Full maintenance life-cycle support

From inspections over maintenance planning to management reporting


Short and long term maintenance costs made transparent  per building or across buildings

Efficient planning capabilities

  • Planning year customizable in one click
  • Create different scenarios
  • Easily switch between long-term maintenance planning and budgeting
“The user interface is intuitive and the system can easily be extended with numerous fields”
Tom Kleemans

Maintenance Consultant, UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands

Flexible reporting

  • Continuous view of maintenance expenditure against planning
  • 50+ reporting variants in your own corporate style
  • Filter, group, and select data at will

Beyond objects

  • Full visibility into elements, planning, and budget for any desired selection of buildings
  • Graphical analysis of data
  • Transparent aggregated condition scores


  • A standard library of elements, equipped with activities with cost standards and cycles
  • Fully customizable library
  • Determine the details and element data to be captured

Personalized setup

  • Create your own user profiles with rights management
  • Define your own pull-down menus such as fund codes and types of costs
  • Each user determines their own screen layout


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