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How monitoring solutions can create a better post-pandemic office

September 16, 2020

Watch the recording of this webinar, hosted by Spacewell and PointGrab, to learn how monitoring solutions can put offices back to work safely and effectively. We discuss how to get the most from workplace sensing and analytics to:

  • Tackle new office challenges
  • Enable agile work and collaboration
  • Provide a positive user experience in coronavirus times
  • Optimize facility operations with live data and efficient workflows

In this one-hour webinar, you gain insight into the role of sensor data to:

  • Facilitate effective social distancing
  • Monitor occupancy & utilization in real-time
  • Trigger crowdedness alerts
  • Enable smart reservations and provide personal assistance
  • Guide and tailor cleaning protocols

Presented by:

Adrian Weygandt

Adrian Weygandt

Managing Director, Spacewell Americas

Adrian has nearly 20 years of professional experience in management roles at the intersection of technology, finance, and business. He has a problem-solving mindset, and loves to tackle business challenges, drawing on his diverse range of experiences, analytical insight, and business acumen.

Roee Peled

Roee Peled

VP Global Sales & Business Development at PointGrab

Roee is an experienced technology executive with multidisciplinary knowledge of hardware and software products. His areas of expertise include IIoT, 3D-LiDAR, cybersecurity, and Machine Learning/Deep Learning.

Nicole Weygandt, Ph.D.

Nicole Weygandt, Ph.D.

Head of Strategic Development at Spacewell

Nicole has varied professional experience in finance, energy, and higher education. Before joining Spacewell, she worked as Head of Research at Taylor-DeJongh. She received her Ph.D. from Cornell University and holds degrees from Georgetown University and the University of Chicago.

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