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Asaël Akkerman – “The multi-layered workplace – building an intelligent work environment”

December 4, 2019

Did Google get it wrong? Is the open-office trend really destroying the workplace? Workplace strategist Asaël Akkerman challenges the stereotypes, arguing we should embrace the complex, multi-layered reality the workplace actually represents. He urges us to look beneath the surface and always look at the data to get a proper diagnosis. Hear him talk about:

  • Finding a common ground between the landlord and occupier perspectives
  • The changing nature of work and the implications for the workplace
  • Employees becoming ‘space customers’
  • Research on building performance (or should we say ‘underperformance’?)
  • Workplace dimensions (physical, sensory and service environments)
  • Taking into account the individuality of building users
  • Technology to create a fully responsive building

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