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Customer case: funeral company Yarden

Yarden is a funeral company with nearly one million members. With 200 volunteers, over 900 employees (including 102 local funeral directors), 41 funeral parlors, 24 crematoria and 9 cemeteries in the Netherlands, the nearest Yarden is never far away. Yarden is the only company that has been awarded a Gouden Oor Erkenning (for listening to customers).

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How Yarden uses Axxerion

Yarden uses a service desk for notifications relating to breakdowns, complaints and wishes relating to properties. Work orders are generated directly from the system. We also use the project and vehicle fleet management modules. Suppliers have independent access to the system. Yarden decides which rights are allocated to people. The management and monitoring of multi-year maintenance plans is a major addition.

Why Yarden chose Axxerion

Axxerion provides full insight into the different financial trends within all current projects and property issues. Yarden continues to expand the modules and functionalities it uses. The software grows with the company and adapts itself. This means it enjoys widespread support among users.

Axxerion inspires a positive response within our company, there is widespread support for it.

Arjen de Haas

Manager Front Office

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